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Animal Control


Have you lost your dog?

Call Animal Control at (613) 541-3213 - this is an answering service so make sure you leave your name, phone number and details about your lost dog. You can also contact Kingston Humane Society at (613) 546-1291. Any dog without a tag or any dog whose owner can't be reached, will be impounded at the Kingston Humane Society. The owner will be responsible for any fees. Click here to go to their website.

The Township of South Frontenac's Animal Control By-law No. 2001-66 regulates the keeping of animals within the township. Click here for the by-law. For information on the set fines associated with the by-law, click here. Council approved Resolution No. 2013-39-5 on November 1, 2013 which amended the fees and time frame for purchasing tags at a cheaper rate. Click here for the resolution.

The Township contracts with the Frontenac Municipal Law Enforcement to provide dog control services.

General Information


  • The by-law prohibits dogs running at large
  • A kennel license is required where there are more than 6 dogs being boarded or lodged
  • All dogs over two (2) months old must be licensed
  • Pick up any feces left by your dog on any property

Year 2018 Dog Tags are available at $15.00 ea. until February 28, 2018 after the fee increases to $30.00 each. Kennel Licenses must be purchased at the Municipal Office (4432 George Street) at a cost of $125.00 until February 28, after which the fee will increase to $150.00 per license. Click here to download and complete the dog registration form in advance.

Dog Tags can also be purchased at the following locations during their regular business hours:

Northway Hardware Store - Inverary

Perth Road Store - Perth Road

Sydenham One Stop - Sydenham


The Township of South Frontenac does not have a Cat By-law.

 Animals at Large By-law

By-law 2001-13 prohibits the being at large or trespassing of any animal excluding dogs and cats within the township. Frontenac Municipal Law Enforcement deals with complaints of an animal at large under this by-law, the policies for the guidance of the By-law Enforcement Officer are outlined in the by-law.

For loss of livestock, please refer to our Livestock Damage page.

Bears and Wildlife

Concerns about bears, encounters with bears? Bears want to avoid humans, most encounters are not aggressive and attacks are rare. Visit the Ministry of Natural Resources website for more information or call 1-866-514-2327 to report a bear sighting. Any concerns about nuisance wild life (coyotes, foxes, bears) should be directed to the Ministry at 1-800-667-1940.