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Roads and Parking


View the  2019 Proposed Construction Schedule construction schedule for Roads and Bridges.

Speed Limit and Parking

Traffic, parking and stopping on highways and bridges and speed limits under the jurisdiction of the Township of South Frontenac are all regulated through By-law 2000-01. For questions concerning this by-law contact the Public Works Department.

View all of the speed limit by-laws to date.

Special Move Permit - Heavy and Wide Loads

Load Restrictions - March 1, 2020-May 1, 2020

In accordance with the Highway Traffic Act, R.S.O. 1990 Ch. H.8, Section 122, residents are reminded that all roads within South Frontenac are subject to restricted loads. The restriction is that no axle of any commercial vehicle shall transmit to the road a weight in excess of 5000 kilograms. This action is necessary for the protection of roads in South Frontenac.

Parking Restrictions in the Village of Sydenham and in front of Sydenham High School




Davey Tree Expert Co. of Canada Limited & the Township of South Frontenac intend to control weeds along guiderails, posts and roadsides within the Township of South Frontenac.

The applications will take place along selected roadsides in an area  encompassing the Townships boundaries:

North-South Boundaries

Road 38 starting at Murton Road North to Westport Road including the Tichbourne area Road 9 (Sydenham Rd) starting at Horning Road North to Rutledge Road

Road 1O (Perth Rd) starting at Spooner Road North to Bedford Mills  Road

Road 11 (Battersea Rd) starting at Mount Chesney Road North to Simpson Road (Keelerville) Road 8 (Westport Rd) from Road 38 East to Salem (Devil lake  Road)

Burridge Road North to the Township boundary

Anderson Road from Bradshaw Road North to Township boundary

East Boundaries

Washburn Road from Road 11 (Battersea Rd) to the Rideau Canal Burnt Hills Road from Road 11 (Battersea Rd) to the Rideau Canal Opinicon Road from Road 10 (Perth Rd) to Rideau Lakes boundary Road 12 (Sunbury Road} from Road 1O (Perth Rd) to Highway 15 West Boundaries

Road 4 (Yarker Rd) from Road 38 West to the Camden Portland Boundary Rd Road 18 (Wilton Rd) from Road 38 South to Florida Road

Road 7 (Bellrock Rd} West to Church Road

Colebrook Road from Road 38 to the Camden Portland Boundary Road


The Contractor will be using Clearview (PCP#29752) Active ingredients Metsulfuron-methyl and Aminopyralid (present as potassium salt), Gateway Adjuvant (PCP#31470) active Ingredient Paraffinic Oil and Alkoxylated alcohol non-ionic surfactants, Credit Xtreme (PCP#29888) active ingredients Glyphosate (present as isopropylamine and potassium salt). Arsenal Powerline Herbicide (PCP#30203) active ingredient, lmazapyr {present as the isopropylamine salt) under the Pest Control Product Act (Canada).


Commencing May 27, 2019 (weather permitting) and concluding on September 30, 2019

For more information:

Contact Davey Tree Expert Co. of Canada Limited at 905 304-7359 or  Jamie  Brash, Supervisor, Township of South Frontenac at 613 376-3027 X 3350. Collect calls will be accepted from individuals calling long distance.