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Solid Waste


Pitch-In Canada is dedicated to the preservation and sustainable growth of our natural ecosystems and communities. The organization represents hard working Canadian volunteers and consumers who care about making environmental change in their communities nation-wide for future generations. Choosing not to litter should be a decision we all make yet after the snow recedes for the year, the ditches and treelines show an abundance of litter that is hard to ignore. Our strong winds are certainly a culprit for spreading much of it, yet the appearance of items such as water bottles, coffee cups and fast food debris have a distinctive human touch.

Most people are steadfast in keeping the areas around their homes litter free, yet this one week a year gives us a chance to join together, expand our areas and set an example to others that we truly care about the beauty and safety of our environment. With over 1600 Kilometers of roads in our Township, we need you! Think of the cumulative effort if every resident picks up even one bag of garbage! Grab your friends, family members, neighbors, or club members and organize a day of helping the Earth!

Designated Pitch-In bags will be available from either Township office or any store that currently sells bag tags as of April 8th. Then, during the week of April 22nd  the bags will either be picked up on your regular collection day or special arrangements can be made with the Township for pick up. Please contact Bonnie at 613 376-3027 x 4330 for any questions or concerns.


Enhance, Conserve & Protect Our Environment


Environment Minister Releases Ontario’s New Environment Plan

Environment Minister Rod Phillips has released Ontario’s Environment Plan. The plan is broad in scope and includes the government’s strategy to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. The plan also outlines the government policy direction on waste management for Ontario and can be read below;

        A Made-in-Ontario Environment Plan