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Solid Waste


 Did you know?

Diverting more of our waste to recycling and composting will extend the life of our landfills and reduce costs to the Township and its taxpayers. Diversion will also help to preserve our environment and prevent land contamination. In 2008, the Township Council set the target of diverting 50% of our waste from landfill. To achieve this target, the Township provides a number of Waste Management services:

Please see the upper left drop down menu for further information such as your day for pick up and the proper week for recycling.

For more information on the programs that the Township is involved in to increase waste diversion, please visit these websites:

Ontario Tire Stewardship Recycling Program

Stewardship Ontario - The Blue Box and Orange Drop Programs

The Government of Ontario has approved Bill 151, Ontario's Strategy for a  Waste-Free Ontario Act: Building a Circular Economy. The new legislation provides a new framework for waste diversion and is intended to shift Ontario to a circular economy. Please click on the link below to read the Act.

Ontario Passes New Waste-Free Ontario Act       

 *The vision for Ontario is one where waste is seen as a resource that can be recovered, reused and reintegrated to achieve a circular economy.*