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Wildflowers and Trees Make a Natural Edge

Posted on Thursday March 14, 2019
Photo Credit - Watersheds Canada - Natural Edge Program (2)

The Natural Edge Program for shorelines is coming to Quinte Conservation’s Watershed with help from Watersheds Canada.

Maya Navrot, Education and Stewardship Coordinator for Quinte Conservation says, “Natural Edge is a well-established program that makes the process of restoring a shoreline easy and engaging for the landowner. We are excited to see this program come to our area.”

Residents living along waterways such as creeks, rivers, and lakefronts can beautify their properties with the help of Natural Edge. Areas of open shoreline will benefit from plantings of native wildflowers, shrubs and trees.

Susan Moore, from the Friends of Salmon River says, “There is a misperception that a planted shoreline will deter views. A well planned shoreline planting offers open access to the water, with low growing wildflowers and small shrubs for maintaining views, and larger trees and shrubs to the edges at property boundaries.”

Naturalizing your shoreline has many benefits including enhancing your property value and improving lake health and habitat. Navrot adds, “Naturalizing your shoreline provides important habitat for over 70% of land-based wildlife, 90% of aquatic life, and it improves water quality by filtering water runoff and controlling erosion.” 

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