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Development Charges


 A Development Charge is a fee imposed on development in the Township to pay for the increased capital cost of providing specific services as a result of new development. Power to impose a development charge is found in Section 2(1) of the Development Charges Act 1997. 

South Frontenac undertook a review of Development Charges in 2014 and a copy of the background study, schedules and corresponding by-law are found below.

2014 Background Study

Fee Schedule

By-law 2014-54

The Township issued an RFP on January 2, 2019 as the current by-law and rates will expire on September 2, 2019.  Notice will be provided when the background study is available for review.  An open house and public meeting will be held to obtain public input before Council considers the new Development Charges by-law.  Email planning@southfrontenac.net to be notified about this project.