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Planning and Development


Anyone wishing to meet with the Township Planner should make an appointment beforehand. By making an appointment, the Planning Department can prepare for the meeting and have an adequate response ready at the meeting, this helps to streamline the process for moving any development approvals forward.

Appointments can be made with either Lindsay Mills, Planner at 613-376-3027 Ext 2221 or with Jennie Kapusta, Planning Assistant at 613-376-3027 Ext 2224.

Effective Wednesday December 21, 2016 the Planning Fees are as follows:.

 Schedule A to By-law No. 2016-79

New Planning Fee Structure

Amendment to Zoning By-law $1,300.00 $1000.00
Amendment to Official Plan $1,300.00 $2,000.00
Consent Application $800.00  
Minor Variance Application (Basic) $732.00  
Minor Variance Application (Requiring Extra Work) $1232.00  
Site Plan Agreement-Residential $300.00  

Site Plan Agreement-Commercial/Industrial/Institutional

(up to 4000 square ft.)


Site Plan Agreement-Commercial/Industrial/Institutional

(over 4000 square ft.)

Plans of Subdivision/Condominium $2,000.00 $2,000.00
Preparation of Development Agreement $150.00  
Removal of Holding "H" Symbol $200.00  
Calculation of MDS $250.00  

As of January 1, 2018 and every year thereafter, unless this schedule is amended or revoked, a two percent inflation rate will be applied to all rates in effect - rounded up to the next dollar.

 Land use planning affects almost every aspect of life in the Township. Based on policies outlined in the Official Plan, the department helps determine how our community is shaped, where homes and businesses are built, where parks and schools are located, and where and how other essential services may be required.

Good planning encourages public participation and leads to orderly growth and the efficient provision of services. It touches all of us . It maintains property values and helps us to have the kind of community we desire.

The Planning Department assists the public regarding land development in the municipality. The Planning Department liaises with residents, developers and builders and guides them through the land development process in matters related to land use planning. Individuals wishing to develop or change the use of land in the Township must obtain approvals from the Township.

Land use policies and development requirements are set out in the Township's Official Plan and the Township's Zoning Bylaw. See the Ministry website for other land use planning resources.

The Planning Department is responsible for reviewing and providing a recommendation to Council regarding development applications such as minor variances, consent applications, rezoning, official plan amendments and the closing of road allowances.

See our Committee of Adjustment page for minutes and agendas.