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2018 Summer Student Positions

All candidates must submit their application and resume by email and the subject line must include the posting number.  Hand delivered or mailed applications will not be processed.

A separate email is required for each posting number that you wish to be considered for.

Application form is available here or word version here

Email resume and application to hr@southfrontenac.net

DEADLINE for applications is 4:00 pm Friday March 23, 2018

DEADLINE for applications for Competition 18-16-RD Public Education/Museum Coordinator is 4:00 pm Friday, April 20, 2018 due to potential funding through Young Canada Works.

All students will need to provide evidence that they are registered / returning to school in the fall

Hours of work for the swim/day camp and most office positions will be 8:00 am to 4:30 pm. Hours of work for students in the Public Works Department will vary depending on the position

We thank you for your interest however only applicants selected for interviews will be contacted. 

Please note:

All new and returning students must follow the above noted directions and should be prepared to go through an interview process. 

Interest from returning students may result in some positions being filled directly.

Decisions regarding swim & camp instructor, assistant instructor and counsellor will not be made until mid-May.

Swim & Camp staff will be placed, when possible, at their location of choice but should be prepared to move to another location. Staffing will be based on registration numbers and the needs of each location.



# of


Department Position Location Rate of Pay




18-05-PW 8 Public Works General Labourer Keeley/Portland $14.50 April 30
18-06-PW 5 Public Works General Labourer Keeley/Bedford $14.50 July 3
18-07-PW 1 Public Works Engineering Technology Student Keeley $15.25 April 30
18-08-PW 2 Facilities Parks Maintenance South Frontenac $14.50 April 30
18-09-RD 1 Recreation Swim/Day Camp Coordinator Keeley $16.45 April 30-Aug 31 
18-10-RD 2 Recreation Site Coordinator Sydenham/Gilmour $15.25  June 20-Aug 29
18-11-RD 7 Recreation Swim Instructor/Day Camp Counsellor Sydenham/Gilmour $14.50 July 3-Aug 24
18-12-RD 1 Recreation  Park Program Coordinator/Swim Instructor Various Parks/McMullen $14.50 Jun 25 - Aug 29
18-13-RD 1 Recreation

Park Program Support/ Assistant Swim Instructor

Various Parks $14.00 July 3 -Aug 24
18-14-RD 5 Recreation

Day Camp Counsellor/Assistant Instructor

Sydenham/Gilmour $14.00 July 3-Aug 24
18-15-CO 1 Various Departments

Municipal Clerk Intern

Town Hall $14.50 April 30
18-16-RD 1 Recreation/Clerks Dept Public Education/Museum Coordinator South Frontenac $14.50 May 7
18-17-BD 1 Building Dept Clerical Assistant Town Hall $14.00 April 30

Fire Chief: Posting #18-03-CO -  Closed March 2, 2018.

Full Time Building Inspector: Posting #18-02-BD - Closed January 26, 2018. 

Director of Development Services: Posting #18-01-CO - Closed January 26, 2018.  

Accessibility accommodations are available for all parts of the recruitment and selection process on request.

Information collected will be used in accordance with the Municipal Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act for the purpose of candidate selection

For information on career postings, contact Sherry Corneil at hr@southfrontenac.net or 613-376-3027 Ext 2244.