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Thanks to all who attended the  Vendor Information session held on February 21, 2018. For more information, view the presentation

In addition to posting on this page, notice of such opportunities may be advertised in local papers, sent to known suppliers or trade associations and depending on the size of the project, it may be posted to BIDDINGO.COM which is an industry site that will be familiar to many suppliers.

Tender openings are part of the public process. Bidders and the public are able to attend the opening. Staff will only provide the names of bidders and the overall bid to the public after an opening.

Council reserves the right, for specific projects, to restrict the process if warranted.

The Township of South Frontenac intends to participate in one or more procurements conducted by Local Authority Services (LAS) between January 2018 and December 2018. For further information and access to LAS request for proposal (RFP) notices, please review the website at www.las.on.ca.

Tenders from previous years are available. 2016 Awarded Tenders, 2017 Awarded Tenders

2018 Tenders Issued to Date:

Invitation to Tender No. PW-2018-17 For One (1) 2018 Garbage Truck - Closed December 5, 2018.

FD-2018-01 - 2019 Model 4 X 4 Mid Size Sport Utility Vehicle - Awarded to Kingston Dodge in the amount of $32,522.53 including HST.

PW-2018-01 - 6 Ton Truck Cab & Chassis, Diesel Tandem Dump Truck C.A./68,000 LBS. G.V.W. - Awarded to Tallman Truck Centre in the amount of $264,575.42 including HST.

PW-2018-02 for 2018 Micro-Surfacing Program -  Awarded to Miller Paving Ltd.  in the amount of $173,950.39 including HST.

PW-2018-03 - 2018 Model - 1/2 Ton Extended Cab 4 X 4 Pick Up Truck - Awarded to Taylor Automall in the amount of $33,529.36 including HST.

PW-2018-04 - 2018 Model - 3/4 Ton Extended Cab, Four Wheel Drive Pick Up Truck - Awarded to Gananoque Chevrolet in the amount of $64,719.62 including HST.

PW-2018-05 - 2018 Crack Sealing Program - Awarded to Roadlast Asphalt and Sealing Maintenance in the amount of $93,112.00 including HST.

PW-2018-06 - One Lift In Dump Box Attachment - Awarded to Joe Johnson Equipment in the amount of $31,802.72 including HST.

PW-2018-07 - 2018 Pavement Rehabilitation Program - Awarded to Coco Group Inc in the amount of $1,051,180,80 including the non-refundable HST.

PW-2018-08 - Storrington Centre Renovations - Awarded to The Anglin Group in the amount of $201,069.00 excluding HST.

PW-2018-09 - New Tires and Repairs  - Awarded to Black Dog Tirecreaft in the amount of $102,949.96 including HST.

PW-2018-10 for Fire Hall Station# 6 Site Works - Awarded to Kiley Paving Ltd in the amount of $197,625.70 including HST.

PW-2018-11 for 2018  Gravel Supply Program - Awarded to Cruickshank Construction for  Bradshaw Rd in the amount of $42,300.00 excluding HST and awarded to Sweets Sand & Gravel for Westport Rd in the amount of $170,300.00 excluding HST.

PW-2018-12 - Accessibility Entrance and Upgrades to Front Steps, Glendower Hall - Awarded to Ubcon Construction in the amount of $73,563.00 including HST. 

PW-2018-14 - Loughborough Waste Disposal Site - Final Capping and Closure of Phase 1 - Awarded to Dig'N Dirt Ltd in the amount of $406,019.03 including HST. 

PW-RFQ1-2018 for Contracted Equipment, Materials and Trades - Awarded to various contractors - details here

Request for Proposal - TR-18-01-Investment Services - Awarded to Johnson, Johnston and McRae

PW-2018-20- Screened Winter Sand - Closed on July 25, 2018 - Details here

PW-2018-16 - One  (1) Current Model Ice Resurfacer - Closed October 24, 2018

PW-2018-15 - One (1) 2018 Garbage Truck - Tender Closed November 21st, 2018. Re-tendered - see PW-2018-17.