FARM BUILDINGS (Hay Storage, Silos, Livestock Facilities, etc.)

The construction of farm building and structures can vary substantially and early consultation with the Building Department is highly recommended.

If the purpose of the structure is to house livestock or manure, you will likely need to supply proof of the completion of a Nutrient Management strategy or plan from the Ministry of Agriculture and Food.

All buildings and structures to house livestock and manure must also meet the minimum distance separation formula calculations (MDSII).

Farm Building Checklist

    1. Completed Building Permit Application 

    2. Copy of approved Nutrient Management strategy or plan from the Ministry of Agriculture and Food  

    3. Copy of the deed or a recent property tax bill (proof of ownership)
    4. Copy of survey (may be required, check with Building Department staff)
    5. Site/Plot plan indicating;
      • grading plan
      • civic address and/or legal description
      • North indicator
      • show all property lines with lot dimensions and lot area calculations
      • indicate public roads and private lanes adjacent to property
    6. One complete set of building plans including and not limited to;
      • foundation plan
      • floor plans
      • building elevations
      • cross-sectional views indicating dimensions, heights, and construction materials
      • truss layouts of roof and floors where applicable
      • engineered drawings for the slab and structure where applicable

 NOTE: 2 sets of drawings will be required if over one storey (effective March 1, 2015).

This checklist constitutes a preliminary listing of documents that may be required to be submitted with a Building Permit Application only.  A further review will be completed by the Building Inspector, at which time, more information and/or amendments to the submitted application documents may be required.

Page Updated March 2015

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