Renovations can be simple or very complicated projects depending on the scale and scope of the work proposed.  The checklist below attempts to identify all potential documents that may be required.

Please contact the Building Department early in your design process if you are uncertain or require clarification of the building permit process.

Interior Renovation of a Single Family or Seasonal Dwelling

  1. Completed Building Permit Application
  2. Copy of the deed or a recent property tax bill (proof of ownership)
  3. One complete set of building plans including and not limited to;
  • existing structure - floor plans indicating load bearing walls and/or point loads, wall openings and plumbing fixtures
  • proposed renovation
  • cross-sectional views where applicable
  • truss layout of roof and floor where applicable

This checklist constitutes a preliminary listing of documents that may be required to be submitted with a Building Permit Application only.  A further review will be completed by the Building Inspector, at which time, more information and/or amendments to the submitted application documents may be required.



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