Roof Mount Solar Panels

Solar Panel permit applications require the submission of a moderate amount of information and the checklist below identifies typical items that need to be supplied.

Please feel free to contact the Building Department early in your design process if you are uncertain or require clarification of the building permit application process.

Solar Panels Checklist

  1. Completed Building Permit Application
  2. Copy of the deed or a recent property tax bill (proof of ownership)
  3. Engineering report on existing structure confirming the structure can sustain the additional loading
  4. One complete set of building plans including and not limited to;
    • roof plan - showing location and number of panels to be installed
    • mounting brackets and connection details
  5. Site/Plot plan indicating;
    • location of building that panels will be installed on relative to all property lines, other existing buildings, property lines, adjacent roads or lanes, and any overhead power lines.



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