The following By-laws all amend Roads By-law 2000-01, the Roads By-law for the Township of South Frontenac. Each By-law reduces the speed limit or defines parking within a specified area. 

2000-84 - speed limit in the vicinity of Prince Charles Public School, Verona

2002-37 - speed limit on Tett Circle 

2002-60 - speed limit on Campbell Rd, Stagecoach Rd, Murvale Rd

2002-70 -speed limits on Davidson Rd, Holmes Rd, Latimer Rd, White Lake Rd and Buck Bay Rd

2002-84 - speed limits on Mount Chesney Rd and Wellington St

2003-61 - speed limit on portion of Stagecoach Rd

2003-87 - speed limit on White Lake Rd

2004-25 - speed limit on portion of Stagecoach Rd

2004-106 - Yield Signs at Sydenham William and Sydenham Mill St

2004-110 - speed limit on Perth Road (Storrington District)

2005-84 - speed limit on Mitchell Creek Bridge (Canoe Lake Rd)

2005-86 - limit parking in the village of Harrowsmith

2005-90 - speed limit on Battersea Water St

2006-101 - speed limit on a portion of Perth Rd (Storrington District) 

2008-53 - speed limit on portions of Railton Rd, Cliffside Dr, Kingsmere Lane

2010-60 - speed limit near schools on Wilton Rd and Colebrook Rd

2011-02  - speed limit on portion of Stagecoch Rd

2011-51 - speed limit on Round Lake Rd, Lower Round Lake Rd, Scanlan Rd and Murvale Rd

2012-13 - speed limit on Spooner Rd, Dover Rd, Horning Rd and Orser Rd

2012-43 - all way stop intersection on Sydenham William St

2012-60 - speed limit within the Hamlet of Sunbury

2013-14 - speed limit on Opinicon Rd

2014-55 - accessible parking space in front of Council Chambers

2014-62 - speed limit on Fawnbrook Dr, Deer Creek Dr, Whitetail Court and other roads

2015-32 - speed limits on various roads throughout the Township

2016-50 - speed limits on various roads throughout the Township

2016-58 - speed limit on North Shore Rd

2017-44 - speed limits on various roads throughout the Township

2017-80 - speed limit on sections of Rutledge Rd

2018-14 - speed limit on section of Rutledge Rd (Sydenham William St to Boundary Rd)

2018-70 - speed limit on Clearwater Road, Arthur Road, Wellington St and Perth Road

2019-64 - speed limit on section of Snider Road

2021-60 - speed limit on Davidson Road

2022-42 - speed limit on Wolfe Swamp and Bradford Road

2022-96 - speed limit on Battersea Road to Milburn Road

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