South Frontenac Fire & Rescue 

Fire Services in the Township of South Frontenac are provided by a dedicated and highly qualified group of volunteer firefighters. South Frontenac Fire and Rescue is established and regulated under By-law 2018-56.

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Fire Station Location Study for the Townships of South Frontenac and Central Frontenac

Initiated from recommendations provided in the Frontenac Municipality’s Joint Services Delivery Review, and funded with support from the Ontario Municipal Modernization Program, South Frontenac and Central Frontenac Township’s decided to partake in a joint third-party review of their Fire Services. This was done by hiring ORH Limited Consulting to conduct a Joint Fire Station Location.

The purpose of this study was to determine what stations from both municipalities could serve additional areas, where under-used stations could be closed/divested, and where new stations should be located in order to benefit the largest number of residents from both Townships in the most efficient and cost effective way. 

The study was conducted over two months and was presented on January 25, 2022, at a joint meeting of South and Central Frontenac Township Council. 

Fire Station Location Study - Final Report                         Presentation to Councils

Municipal Modernization Program: Designed to support small and rural municipalities address limited capacity to plan, modernize, and improve the way services are provided, this funding allows municipalities to improve their service delivery efforts by finding smarter, more efficient ways to spend money, while respecting taxpayer dollars.

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