Sign Up for Online Account and Paperless Billing!

The Township of South Frontenac has recently made some exciting advancements for managing your property tax & utility accounts.

Virtual Municipal Office - an online self-serve portal

New Users

  • Create your account by following the link above. You will select sign in and then “Activate your account with us”. You will be required to type a user name and password of your choice.
  • Next, in the personal information tab you will use your roll number (or utility account number) PLUS your South Frontenac customer ID to link your account information to your user profile. To obtain your South Frontenac customer ID, email with your name along with your roll or utility account number.

VMO Login Screen

Paperless Billing Option

  • You now have the option to receive your property tax notice or utility bill by email. Once you sign up for E-Send you will no longer receive bills by mail for that account.
  • Paperless billing applies to tax notices, water utility bills and arrears letters. Paperless billing does not include all forms of correspondence from the Township
  • Get started today: log into your account and use the drop down menu on the top right side of the screen. Select ‘Paperless Notifications Signup’

                   Drop Down menu for virtual office

  • Each account must be selected separately. For example, if you have a home, a cottage, and utility account you will need to select each account separately on the list of available accounts.



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