For Immediate Release                                                                                         

While it is not uncommon for communities to occasionally experience theft and vandalism in relation to public amenities, there seems to have been an increase this summer that has left Council, staff, and members of the public very disheartened.

Over the past few months, the Township has seen extensive damage to a number of recreational facilities and amenities – some of which have been listed below. Not only does this damage have a significant impact on Township finances and staff resources, but it also negatively affects many community groups and residents that utilise these parks and facilities.

Park Location


The Point Park in Sydenham

  • Small dock stolen
  • Camp building broken into and vandalised
  • Bathrooms graffitied
  • Damage to Netsport Courts


Centennial Park in Harrowsmith

  • Soccer netting stolen
  • Pavilion vandalised with graffiti

Gerald Ball Park in Sunbury

  • Brand new bleacher tops stolen
  • Complete soccer net system stolen

Gilmour Point Park in Battersea

  • New camp building broken into and heavily vandalised
  • Beach and park littered with garbage, beer cans and broken glass

Battersea Ball Park

  • Intentional fire damage to canteen

Sydenham Public Library

  • Building exterior graffitied/vandalised


With the amount of damage experienced this year, I am appealing to our community for support. I ask that residents keep an eye on local parks, be vigilant, and report any suspicious activity to the Township’s Public Services department during the day or the after-hours emergency contact number at 613-376-3027. Of course, should anyone witness actions that pose an immediate threat, please contact 911.

To those that may have had a hand in causing these damages – I ask that you consider your neighbours, friends, and family when choosing to take part in destructive actions. The costs to repair or replace these facilities are ultimately paid by the taxpayer and negatively impact those in your community.

It is my hope that this message will resonate with our community so that we can move forward and continue to be the South Frontenac that I know and love – natural, vibrant and growing.  

Yours truly,

Mayor Ron Vandewal

613-376-3027 ext.2236   

Photo Gallery: 2022 Park Damages and Vadalism will appear here on the public site.

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