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Township Working to Restore Public Access on Hinchinbrooke Road for Winter

On July 15, 2021, Hinchinbrooke Road was closed just North of Silver Rock Lane at Spring Lake due to a partial road collapse. Following a geotechnical review it has been determined that a full reopening of the road may not be possible until the spring. In order to alleviate some travel concerns, the Township anticipates single-lane traffic will be restored at this location in time for winter.

“While this isn’t the outcome we were hoping for, the most important factor is resident safety and ensuring the road is repaired properly before reopening,” said Mayor Ron Vandewal. “There are additional assessments that still need to take place prior to remedial work starting – that, in combination with wait times for materials and minimal construction season left before winter makes a full road reopening before spring near impossible,” explained Vandewal.

Following the initial assessment of the road, it was determined that next steps will include drilling boreholes along the center of the crossing to gain a better understanding of the ground beneath the roadway. This assessment will determine how the Township will proceed with the repair; options include using rock fill, reinforcing the soil beneath with synthetic materials, or by attempting to strengthen the existing materials beneath using stiff rock columns and soil replacement technology.

“Despite the spring forecast for full road reopening, I want to reassure residents that this project remains a priority for staff, with our geotechnical engineer working diligently to provide a timeline and cost estimate while also limiting delays where possible,” said Mayor Vandewal.

Residents are reminded that the road remains unsafe for use and that no one should cross the barriers until the single-lane pass through can be established. Additional questions about the closure can be directed to Troy Dunlop, Manager of Technical Services and Infrastructure at 613-376-3027 ext. 4331 or via email to

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