Birthday and Anniversary

FROM THE MAYOR: To recognize significant birthdays and wedding anniversaries from the Mayor, complete the Request for Special Event Certificate and submit it to the Mayor's Office.

FROM THE PRIME MINISTER: On request, the Prime Minister sends congratulatory certificates to Canadians celebrating significant wedding anniversaries (25th wedding anniversary and up - at 5 year intervals) and birthdays (from age 65 and up) please select  the Federal Government link for instructions on ordering a certificate.

FROM THE PREMIER OF ONTARIO: On request, the Premier sends congratulatory certificates to Ontarians to recognize significant birthdays (80 years or more) and wedding anniversaries (40 years or more) or retirement ( 25 years or more). Contact the Office of the Premier of Ontario, by going to website for instructions.

FROM THE GOVERNOR GENERAL AND HIS MAJESTY THE KING: You may also request birthday or anniversary messages from the Governor General and His Majesty the King. The Governor General sends messages to Canadians celebrating a 90th birthday or more, and to Canadian Couples celebrating a 50th wedding anniversary or more. His Majesty King Charles III sends messages to Canadians celebrating a 100th birthday or more, and to Canadian couples celebrating  60th wedding anniversary or more.  To receive a message from His Majesty The King, please provide proof of birth or marriage. Messages from His Majesty are mailed two weeks prior to the anniversary date. The form to be completed for these messages can be found here. There are notice requirements, so make sure you order them in advance of the celebration.


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