2019 Awarded Tenders

The following tenders were issued and awarded in 2019. 

  • Sale of Land by Public Tender - Closed October 17, 2019 .
  • TENDER No. PW-2019-01 - 2019 Surface Treatment Program - Awarded to Smiths Construction Company in the amount of $722,070, including HST. 
  • TENDER No. PW-2019-02 - One (1)  6 Ton Truck Cab & Chassis, Diesel Tandem Dump Truck C.A./68,000 LBS. G.V.W. - Awarded to Tallman Truck Centre in the amount of $300,131.87, including HST.
  • TENDER No. PW-2019-03 - 2019 Micro-Surfacing Program - Awarded to Miller Paving Ltd., in the amount of $586,846.40, including HST.
  • TENDER No. PW-2019-04 – One (1) 2019 Model – Half Ton Extended Cab 4x4 Pick-up Truck - Awarded to Taylor Automall, in the amount of $33,247.99, including HST.
  • TENDER No. PW-2019-06 - One (1) 2019 Model, 19,500 LB GVWR, 4X4, Dual Rear Wheel, Crew Cab, Aluminum Dump Body - Awarded to Petrie Ford Sales for $97,854.64, including Non-Rebatable HST.
  • TENDER No. PW-2019-07 – 2019 Roadside Weed Spraying - Awarded to Davey Tree Expert Co of Canada Ltd in the amount of .0879 per square meter and $138.03 per kilometer for guide rails excluding HST.
  • TENDER No. PW-2019-09 - 2019-2021 Street Sweeping and Catch Basin Cleaning Program - Awarded to Hughson Fencing & Guide Rail Inc. in the amount of $155,458.62, HST excluded.
  • TENDER No. PW-2019-10 - 2019 Crack Sealing Program (Joint Tender with Township of Central Frontenac) - Awarded to Roadlast Asphalt and Sealing Maintenance, in the amount of $61,968.07, including HST.
  • TENDER No. PW-2019-11 2019 Multi Year Pavement Marking Program (Joint between Central, North, South, & the Frontenac Islands) - Awarded to Trillium Pavement Marking for our section of the Tender amounting to $147,087.25, including the non-rebatable portion of HST.
  • TENDER No. PW-2019-12 - Parks & Facilities, Fire Halls and Cemeteries Grass Cutting - Awarded to various contractors, see breakdown and Report to Council. 
  • TENDER No. PW-2019-15 - Gilmour Point Park Pavillion - Awarded to Ubcon Construction Ltd in the amount of $393,000.00 exlcuitng HST.
  • TENDER No. PW-2019-16 - 2019 Road Repair Program - Awarded to Aarde Construction Ltd in the amount of $359,594.25 including HST.
  • TENDER No. PW-2019-19 For Battersea Rd Reconstruction - Awarded to R. W. Tomlinson in the amount of $1,801,399.26 including all applicable taxes.
  • TENDER No. PW-2019-20 -  Structural Tunnel-Plate Liner Replacement of Burnt Hills Rd Culvert - Awarded to Louis W. Bray Construction Ltd., for $445,462.95, including HST.
  • TENDER No. PW-2019-21 - Desert Lake Culvert Replacements - Awarded to Akman Construction Inc in the amount of $555,910.55 including the rebatable portion of the HST.
  • TENDER No. PW-2019-22 - Supply & Install Accessible Entrance Ramp at Bradshaw School House (7 Steele Rd, Tichborne) - awarded to Ubcon Construction Ltd in the amount of $17,600.00 excluding HST.
  • RFP No. PW-2019-26 - 2020-2025 Disposal of Curbside  Domestic Waste - Awarded to Waste Management in the amount of $94.90 per tonne for 2020-2021. 
  • RFP PW-P04-2019 Keeley  Road Garage Boiler Replacement - Awarded to Simmons Plumbing in the amount of $26,500.00 excluding HST. 
  • RFP No. FD-2019-01 - One (1) Mobile Water Supply Fire Apparatus - Awarded to Fort Garry Fire Trucks in the amount of $391,844.18, including the non-rebatable HST. 
  • RFP 2019-P01 - Development Charges Study - Awarded to Watson & Associates. A copy of the RFP can be found here.
  • PW-RFQ1-2019 – For Contracted Equipment, Materials, and Trades - Awarded to various contractors as outlined in attachments.

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