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Official Plan


The Township's Official Plan is an expression of Council's vision for the future development of the municipality. The official plan provides policies regarding protection of the valuable natural resources of the Township while specifying the conditions under which future growth will be accommodated. The Plan is amended from time to time as new provincial government regulations come forward and as proposed new developments may require.

The Official Plan can be amended by completing the application along with the fee of $1353.00 and a deposit of $2000.00.

View the Official Plan document and corresponding map to understand the vision for future development

Official Plan Review

On June 2, 2015, Council was presented with the Draft Offical Plan that reflected the revisions as per the Ministry of Municipal Affairs and Housing comments. Please note that text that is in bold type face or in yellow highlight represent  new additions to the Plan from previous discussions with Council. The text highlighted in yellow with 2015 is all of the new text required by the Ministry. Areas highlighted in purple are new policies required by the Ministry but which the Township should not agree to as per the recommendations from the Planning Department.

View the Draft Official Plan and corresponding schedules: