Zoning By-laws

The purpose of the Comprehensive Zoning By-law is to implement the Official Plan.

View the Comprehensive Zoning By-law 2003-75 document to see a description of the permitted uses within each zone.

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Zoning Maps

View the maps below to determine the current zoning of a property within the Township:

Rezoning Application

A Rezoning Application is a planning tool used to change the permitted use of land or alter a specific zone provision.

Rezoning applications are considered by Council, under the authority of the Planning Act of Ontario. Rezoning applications must be in keeping with and conform to the policies of the Township of South Frontenac's Official Plan and the Provincial Policy Statement. Additional studies and reports may be required in support of a rezoning application. These studies may be peer reviewed.

The nature of each Rezoning application varies significantly and the process times fluctuate accordingly. In addition to public input, comments may be required from other agencies or consultants specialized in the area of specific reports and studies submitted.

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