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 Municipal Budgets

It is South Frontenac's goal to provide a balance of services that improve the quality of life for our residents, while also ensuring we have the organizational capacity to deliver cost-effective services in a changing world.

The annual budget operationalizes the Township's Strategic Plan and is the equivalent of “Putting your money where your mouth is,” or it’s “Where the rubber hits the road.”

As a strategic document, or roadmap, the budget should clearly show:

  • What the community values,
  • What it wants to get done, and
  • Where it wants to be in the future.

View the current and previous South Frontenac budgets by visiting the Municipal Budgets page. 

 Municipal Performance Measurement 

 View the 2008-2012 Municipal Performance Measurement comparison report below:

 Tax Rate By-laws

 View the current and past South Frontenac Tax By-laws.

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