Bylaw Enforcement in South Frontenac

By-law Enforcement services are provided by Frontenac Municipal Law Enforcement. Any complaints need to be submitted directly to the Township office during regular business hours (Clerks Department) using the complaint form or by submitting a detailed email on the complaint. After hour complaints (evenings and weekends) or concerns should be directed to Frontenac Municipal Law Enforcement at 613-541-3213. This is an answering service only so callers will need to leave specific details and call back information. 

By-law Enforcement primarily administers many other by-laws for the township including the Safe Properties By-law, Waste Management By-law, Noise By-law, Trailer Licensing By-law, Roads and Parking By-law and Dog Control By-law.

If you have any questions related to the enforcement of our by-laws, contact the Clerk's Department.  

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These documents are for information purposes only. To verify the currency of a by-law, please contact the Clerk's office by phone at 613-376-3027, ext 2222, or by email, click here

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