In early 2023, we asked residents to answer a survey on By-law enforcement and short-term rentals in South Frontenac. Here are the results. 


  • 1,345 people took the survey 
  • 65% of respondents were positive or neutral when asked how satisfied they were with by-law enforcement in South Frontenac; 14% were dissatisfied; 21% had no knowledge of by-law enforcement
  • 35-43% of respondents believe enhanced enforcement is required to address noise, property standards, zoning compliance and illegal construction concerns; another 46% feel enhanced enforcement is required for tree cutting and shoreline protection
  • 79% believe short-term rentals should be allowed in the Township; 51% think they should be licensed

Thanks to everyone who took the survey. Your input will help Council make informed decisions as it continues to assess how best to address by-law issues and short-term rentals in South Frontenac!





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