The Modernizing Ontario's Municipal Legislation Act 2017 (Bill 68) required all municipalities to establish Codes of Conduct for members of Council and local boards and to appoint Integrity Commissioners. 

By-law 2023-71 - The Council Code of Conduct and complaint protocol has been in effect since December 20, 2023.  Tony Fleming, Cunningham Swan Carty Little & Bonham LLP has been appointed as the Integrity Commissioner and has been given delegated authority from Council to impose penalties under the Code of Conduct. 

Any individual who identifies or witnesses behaviour or activity by a Member that they believe contravenes the Code of Conduct may seek to address the prohibited behaviour or activity themselves in the following manner by reviewing and completing the complaint procedure outlined in Appendix B. The affidavit must be completed for the purpose of requesting that a matter be reviewed and/or investigated by the Township of South Frontenac's Integrity Commissioner and for other improper purpose.  

Code of Conduct - Formal Complaint Forms

Code of Conduct - Formal Complaint Form #1 - Affidavit

Municipal Conflict of Interest Act - Formal Complaint Form # 2 - Statutory Declaration 

Completed complaints forms can be emailed directly to the Integrity Commissioner with a copy going to the Clerk





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