The following is a list of typical projects that require the issuance of a permit prior to commencing work:

New Construction

  • Construction of a new building larger than 10 m2 (108 ft2) in area
  • Construction of an addition to existing building
  • Construction of a deck, porch or balcony
  • Construction or alteration of a Sewage System

 Exterior Renovations

  • Rebuilding of a deck, porch or balcony
  • Replacement of deck guards
  • Construction of sunrooms or enclosing a porch or deck
  • Installation of solar panels attached to the building
  • Create new window or door openings in an existing wall
  • Raising a building to construct a new foundation, full basement or crawl space
  • Constructing a basement walkout
  • Repairing or underpinning a foundation
  • Demolition of all or a portion of a building

Interior Renovations

  • Alterations and additions to a plumbing system
  • Moving or adding of interior walls
  • Install a wood burning stove or fireplace
  • Finishing a basement
  • Change the use of a building or part of a building

Miscellaneous projects

  • Pool with a capacity of 18 inches or more depth of water requires a pool enclosure permit

Projects that Do Not Require a Building Permit

It is not necessary to obtain building permits to perform the work listed below. Please note, however, you must still comply with the requirements of the Township of South Frontenac Zoning By-law and if applicable, the Ontario Building Code, and your local Conservation Authority. Please contact the Township for zoning requirements.

  • Fences (except for a swimming pool enclosure)
  • Replacement of existing plumbing fixtures, i.e. sink, water closets - in existing location
  • Kitchen or bathroom cupboards without plumbing
  • Painting, decorating and general minor maintenance
  • Roof shingling, provided there is no structural work being completed
  • Accessory buildings not greater than 10 m2, however, compliance with the Township's Zoning By-law for property line setbacks, height restrictions, etc. are required
  • Replace siding with similar material
  • Temporary tent not more than 60 m2 in aggregate ground area, not attached to a building and 3 m (9'10") from other structures.
  • Electrical work (Contact the Electrical Safety Authority 1-877-372-7233)

If the above list does not include specifics of your project or if you are not sure if a permit will be required, please contact our Building Department staff at 613-376-3027 with the details of your proposed construction.



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