If you feel strongly about a public issue or a local concern, the Council of the Township of South Frontenac encourages you to share your information and thoughts with them.

As there are many issues that can be resolved at the staff level, it is recommended that citizens discuss their concerns with Township staff prior to appearing before Council. Staff can provide you with valuable background information on the issue in question, and /or recommend appropriate next steps that can remove the need to go to Council, or to help set the stage for a meaningful and constructive discussion with Council. For more information on whom to speak to, please contact the Chief Administrative Officer at (613) 376-3027, Extension 2225 or the Clerk at Extension 2222. View the listing of Council and Committee of the Whole Meetings for 2019

Requesting an appearance before Council

If you wish to appear before Council, please submit a letter addressed to Neil Carbone, Chief Administrative Officer stating that you would like to appear before Council with a summary of your concerns. Neil Carbone, Chief Administrative Officer, Township of South Frontenac 4432 George Street, Box 100 Sydenham, Ontario K0H 2T0 Tel: (613) 376-3027 Ext 2225 Fax: (613) 376-6657 Email: ncarbone@southfrontenac.net

All delegations must provide a written summary of their presentation to the Clerk prior to 12:00 noon on the Thursday prior to the meeting they will be appearing at. All Delegates will be encouraged by the Clerk to resolve concerns with the appropriate department head, prior to seeking delegation status. 

Only topics which have come before Council or are scheduled to appear on Council's agenda are to be scheduled for delegate status.

View By-law 2017-76, the Procedural By-law that governs the proceedings of Council, the conduct of members and the calling of meetings.

Unrelated topics require the delegate to be sponsored by a member of Council, prior to being scheduled. Members of Council may sponsor a delegation by emailing the Clerk, requesting the individual/group be given delegate status.

Appearing before Council 

Public delegations are always the first item on the Committee of the Whole or Council Agenda. The Mayor will invite delegations to the Council table to speak on their issues. Delegations presentations are usually 10 minutes in duration. During the presentation, the Mayor and Council may ask questions of the delegation, as well as Township staff. Upon closure of the discussion, Council may provide direction or refer the item to the appropriate department for further input or advice .


Council normally takes some time to review items before deciding what action to take on an issue. If you would like clarification on an issue discussed or a decision made or the status of the decision, contact the CAO/Clerk's Department .

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