South Frontenac Strategic Plan 

Our Strategic Plan is a key document that defines what matters to us most and our vision and priorities for the next four years. It serves as a guide for everything we do, from the priorities we set, to the decisions we make and the actions we take.

Our Township is rapidly growing and changing. This plan will be our guide for all decisions and actions we take for the next four or five years.

strategic plan elements


  • The vision statement is our purpose and promise.
  • The mission statement communicates how we work day-to-day to deliver on our promises to residents and stakeholders.
  • Our values serve as the guiding principles for everything we do. They act as a lens both reflecting our beliefs, but also guiding us in our decisions and are what shape the culture, decision-making, and accountability of our organization.
  • The strategic pillars set the focus and areas of strategic priority of the organization.
  • The strategic directions are the specific efforts that will be resourced and prioritized to achieve the strategic goals.
  • Strategic levers are the essential organizational competencies, capabilities, and assets that we will use to achieve the priorities laid out in this plan.

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