Strategic Plan 2019- 2022

Our Vision

Natural, vibrant and growing - a progressive rural leader.

Our Mission:

How we will achieve that Vision

  • A unified approach - striving for equity among our residents and communities;
  • Setting exemplary service and infrastructure standards that the community can be proud of;
  • Managing our operations and assets in a financially sustainable manner;
  • Planning for the future, being proactive and having the capacity to adapt to change:
  • Engaging and collaborating with citizens and partners in an open and transparent manner;
  • Preserving and leveraging the community's natural assets, history and rural lifestyle.
  • Recognizing the Township's role in the stewardship of our environment; seeking and taking advantage of practical opportunities to improve and sustain it.

Our Values:

What we consider important and will strive for as we carry out our Mission.

  • Communications & Collaboration
  • Financial Sustainability
  • Progressive and Flexible
  • Environmental Sustainability
  • Public Service Excellence

Our Overarching Priorities

  1. Position South Frontenac as a Regional Leader.
  2. Promote and support growth than meets the community's needs while maintaining the integrity of our natural environment.
  3. Ensure the organizational capacity to deliver cost-effective services in a changing world.
  4. Be a catalyst for the creation of vibrant, complete communities.


Adopted by Council : December 17, 2019


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