To sustain and enhance the quality of life for residents of South Frontenac.

The mission will be achieved by:

  • providing essential and important services and infrastructure in an efficient, well-planned and cost-effective manner
  • being an advocate for responsible growth with a sensitivity to the environment
  • supporting South Township's unique identity, rural/small urban lifestyle, culture, history, agricultural diversity, natural assets and economic vitality


The Township of South Frontenac will be a proactive, well-managed and accountable municipality that engages residents, collaborates with partners and champions the community's unique lifestyle.

The vision is achieved by:

  • Following a balanced approached to costs and benefits, needs and circumstances, ambition and financial capacity;
  • Setting high standards for its municipal services and infrastructure, and maintaining them at levels the community can be proud of;
  • Managing finances in ways that are a model of fiscal responsibility;
  • Making decisions from a long-term perspective, considering the implications, trends and risks;
  • Informing and engaging citizens and collaborative partners in the process of helping South Frontenac to advance.


1. Encourage and foster responsible growth in South Frontenac.

Through an effective policy framework, planning processes and managing demand for services, the Township will encourage responsible growth by:

  • Developing a clear vision, goals and plan for future development in the community through an updated Official Plan
  • Positioning South Frontenac as a vibrant "destination of choice"
  • Following processes that acknowledge agriculture and its diversity.
  • Making decisions sensitive to environmental concerns
  • Making decisions consistent with quality rural/small-urban lifestyles

2. Being a catalyst to support and help build vibrant communities.

Recognizing that South Frontenac has many varied communities including lake associations, neighbourhoods and hamlets:

  • Supporting efforts to build vibrant hamlets that are friendly to residents of all ages
  • Pursuing efforts with partners to support economic development
  • Ensuring there are no unnecessary municipal roadblocks to economic and community development.

3. Continually improve how the Township conducts its business.

Building on the foundation established in the last strategic plan, the municipality will improve how it does business with several specific objectives:

  • Stepping up our community relations processed related to public outreach and engagement
  • Improving customer service experiences and enhancing responsiveness, reliability, customer care, communications and easy access to services
  • Developing an infrastructure master plan to identify and guide where the Township should be going over the long term
  • Enhancing municipal coordination and partnerships
  • Continuing to enhance practices that help ensure financial responsibility

  Adopted by Council : May 5, 2015

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