South Frontenac Township has a bulk water station for resident use at 4252 Stage Coach Road in Sydenham open from 7 am to 9 pm. The station is a medium fill station ideal for residents, businesses or farmers filling a maximum 1,000 litre tote to provide potable water for drinking, landscaping or other uses. You must supply your own hose and fittings to connect to the station.

The station is cashless. You will need to set up an account and purchase a fob device to get water.

  • Fobs are sold with a pre-loaded credit of $25.
  • Fob sales and balances are non-refundable. Fobs are reloadable.
  • Bulk water rate when fob is reloaded: $2.25 per cubic metre (1,000L), taxes included.

How to set up an account

  1. Fill out our Bulk Water Fill Station Agreement and bring it with you to our office at 2490 Keeley Rd to set up your account or come into our office to fill out the agreement.
  2. We’ll set up your account and provide you with a pre-loaded fob and PIN number you will use at the bulk water station to turn on the pumps.
  3. We accept cash or debit only.
  4. When you need to reload your fob, you’ll need to come into our office at 2490 Keeley Rd to pay and have a credit applied to your account. It will take two business days to complete and upload to the station controls.

Questions? Contact or call 613 376-3027.

How to use the bulk water station

Filling instructions are posted at the site inside the cabinet on the right side of the station.

Due to public health requirements, you must bring your own hose and hook up to connect to the station. A 2-inch female camlock connector is required. Filling instructions are posted at the station.

  1. Connect your hose to the station using a 2-inch female camlock fitting
  2. Open the small cabinet door located on the right side of the station
  3. Hold your FOB to the touch reader
  4. Press the “B” key to select VEH and enter your fob ID number seen on your device and listed on your agreement
  5. Press the “#” key and enter your four-digit PIN number
  6. Press the “C” key to select Pump and Press “1” for Outlet 1 (default setting)
  7. Press “D” key for OK. Your credit balance will display and you can start to fill, OR go to Step 8 to pre-select the amount you want to fill
  8. Press asterisk “*” to select PRE and enter the amount of water you want in litres (example: 1,000)
  9. Stop filling at any time by pushing the big red button. It takes 15-30 seconds for the water to stop flowing. This is to protect the equipment by preventing water hammer (i.e. vibrating pipes).
  10. Disconnect your hose from the station after filling and ensure the side cabinet door is securely closed

The station display will show the amount of water dispensed in cubic metres, example: 1.00 = one cubic metre = 1,000 litres.

In the winter, please use salt provided to salt the area where any water spills to keep the area safe.

Report a problem

If you encounter any issues at the bulk water station, call 613 376-3027. If it’s an emergency, call 613 546-1181.

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