Cemetery inquiries about Township owned cemeteries (listed below) can be left in the voice mail box at Extension 2255. Your call will be returned by Loretta Younge who is the contractor for sales and administration.

Loughborough District:

Storrington District:

Portland District:

Any interested parties may visit the Municipal Office during normal business hours to review the by-law, or to make copies. 

View the By-laws for the District Cemeteries below: 

Loughborough District - Sydenham Cemetery By-law

Portland District - Portland Cemetery By-law

Storrington District - Storrington Cemetery By-law

These by-laws have been approved by the Registrar, Cemeteries Act (Revised)

Commemorative Amenity and Tree Planting Program

South Frontenac Township invites individuals, organizations, or service clubs to leave a legacy by installing an amenity such as a bench, table, or other structure or planting a tree at a park, greenspace, or cemetery in South Frontenac. The gift may honour a loved one, an experience, an organization, or to recognize an important event or milestone. 

For more information and to apply to the program, please visit our Parks & Greenspaces webpage.

Cemetery Sales & Administration (effective January 1, 2013)

The Township operates cemeteries within the Township under license # 3269871, as assigned by the Bereavement Authority of Ontario (BAO). 

For information on the consumer-protection information booklet, please refer to the Consumer Information Guide on the BAO's website. 

Please see the fee list below - note that all are subject to HST. For additional information, please contact Loretta Hole, the Township's Cemetery Administrator at 613-376-3027 ext. 2255 (voicemail), or via email at cemetery@southfrontenac.net

 Plot Sales

 Total Sale Price of Lot - $1250.00 + HST (This fee includes $500.00 for Perpetual Care) 

 Corner Stones (2)  - $150.00 + HST

 Cremation Plot 

 Total Sale Price of Lot - $625.00 + HST (This fee includes $250.00 for Perpetual Care)


 Open/Close Adult - $500.00 + HST

 Open/Close Child - $175.00 + HST

 Cremation - $200.00 + HST

 Extra Charges

 Winter Interment - $400.00 + HST

 Corner Stone - $75.00 + HST

 Vault per month - $100.00 + HST


 Casket - $1500.00 + HST

 Casket in Vault - $2000.00 + HST

 Transfer of Rights - $150.00 + HST

For information on the administration of cemeteries in Ontario, please refer to Funeral, Burial and Cremation Services Act.

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