Communal Bins

Properly maintained garbage boxes at communal collection areas have the potential to reduce a considerable amount of litter and keep nuisance wildlife out of residential garbage. South Frontenac Township has committed to providing 50% of the total cost of both the TyDee Bins or Recycle Stations to applicants that qualify. The program is aimed at locations where numerous households live on a lane and bring their garbage out to the Township road. Once the application is received, we inspect and may provide a suitable landing area in a safe and accessible location for all concerned.  See the policy and Application Form for either or both the Communal Bins or Recycle Stations.

TYDEE BIN Information

  • All steel construction
  • Two tone powder coated paint colour, for durability and great looks
  • Bear Guard corners
  • Easy to use pressure latch with lock tab
  • Pivot pin hinge system provides automatic stop for safe lid control
  • Drain holes
  • Attachable mount feet
  • Manufactured in Canada

KAMPER Model: Overall Dimensions = 60"L X 44"H Front X 48" H Back X 38.5"D

Will hold approximately 20 standard size (30"X38") garbage bags

Your cost $800.00

X-L Model: Overall Dimensions = 60"L X 33"H X 27"D

Will hold approximately 8 standard size (30"X38") garbage bags

Your cost $425.00

Kamper Model - 20 Bags

8 Bag TyDee Garbage Bin

XL Model - 8 Bags



Unfortunately, because of consistent contamination within our *Toter* style recycle stations, we have moved our focus to providing a *Cubby* style of collection. This style creates a more individualized method whereas each recycle box that is placed in a *shelf* belongs to a residence. The box may be placed prior to collection day and retrieved when convenient to the homeowner. Having the slide out option allows the collectors to easily see if it is the correct material for that week and if not, then the box stays in the Cubby. Each recycle station is built of pressure treated wood with a galvanized steel roof and can be a stand alone unit or joined with another unit to create more compartments. Each 6 compartment cubby holds 12 recycle boxes and is available at a cost of $700.00 to  residents. We also have a 12 compartment cubby that will hold 24 recycle boxes at a cost of $1400 to residents.


Single Cubby Recycle Station             Cubby & Bin

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