We are currently out of the XL Model and do not expect any until the spring of 2020.

Properly maintained collection boxes have the potential to reduce a considerable amount of litter and keep nuisance wildlife out of residential garbage. South Frontenac Township has committed to providing 50% of the total cost of both the TyDee Bins or Recycle Stations,. We inspect and provide a suitable landing area in a safe and accessible location for all concerned.  See the policy and Application Form for either or both the Communal Bins or Recycle Stations.


TYDEEBIN Information

  • All steel construction
  • Two tone powder coated paint colour, for durability and great looks
  • Bear Guard corners
  • Easy to use pressure latch with lock tab
  • Pivot pin hinge system provides automatic stop for safe lid control
  • Drain holes
  • Attachable mount feet
  • Tested with Black, Grizzly and Polar Bears!
  • Manufactured in Canada

KAMPER Model: Overall Dimensions = 57"W X 49"H X 42"D

Will hold approximately 20 standard size (30"X38") garbage bags

X-L Model: Overall Dimensions = 63"W X 33"H X 27"D

Will hold approximately 8 standard size (30"X38") garbage bags


Kamper Model - 20 Bags

8 Bag TyDee Garbage Bin

XL Model - 8 Bags



Our Recycle Stations have 3 - 95 gallon totes that are accessible to Collectors

through the back latched panels. Signs can be modified to suit type of recycling.


2 Recycle Stations with 3 Kamper Model Tydee Bins

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