CURRENT STATUS: There is currently no fire ban in effect. 

In addition to municipal fire bans, the Ministry of Natural Resources may also have a fire ban or declare a Restricted Fire Zone for some or all of our region. See this link for the latest information and to check their interactive map. If you live in an area under a Restricted Fire Zone, you must follow MNR guidelines.

Fire Ban Descriptions
Level 1 Fire Ban No fireworks and open air burning except for campfires and cooking fires.
Total Fire Ban No open air burning of any kind, including campfires and cooking fires. Only cooking appliances with a mechanical shut-off, such as a barbecue or propane stove are permitted.

SFFR personnel will continue to monitor conditions and notify the public of any status changes.

Fire bans can be put in place at any time. Our Open Air Burning By-Law,  By-law 2012-68 outlines what types of open air burning is permitted when.

Residents are reminded that any infraction can result in significant financial penalties. If you have questions or concerns, contact SFFR at 613-376-3027 extension 2234 or by email at We’ve listed some common questions below.

Do I need a permit for open air burning?

No. The Township looked into a permit system in 2021, but currently no permit is required.

What is the best way to burn or get rid of brush?

You can have an open air fire to burn brush or burn it in an incinerator or pit. Follow the guidelines in the by-law. Approved brush pile fires must be less than 10 feet x 10 feet. Always make sure there is at least 20 feet between the fire and any building, wooded area or neighbouring property. Never burn brush if conditions are dry or there are high winds. You can also take brush to our Loughborough or Portland Waste Disposal Sites.

Can I burn garbage?

You should never burn garbage, as it can emit harmful contaminants in the air.

Do I need a permit to set off fireworks? 

You do not need a permit for a family fireworks display, but note fireworks displays are subject to our Noise By-law. We encourage you to read the safety tips on the Fire Prevention page and always follow instructions when lighting fireworks. For larger community displays, you do need to fill out an application for a special or significant event, and have it approved by Council.

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