Looking for a hall or meeting space?

Municipal Facilities 

The Township of South Frontenac has a variety of facilities and rooms to meet your rental needs, whether you are looking for a hall or meeting room.

To book one of the our facilities download the rental agreement and terms and conditions and contact our recreation department at 613-376-3027 or by email bookings@southfrontenac.net or in person at 2490 Keeley Road.

South Frontenac Facilities

Bedford/Glendower Hall
1381 Westport Road, Godfrey
  • Capacity:  200 people
  • Fully accessible
  • Kitchen
  • Air conditioned
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Community Room (Sydenham Library) - Unavailable to Rent Starting Monday, July 15, 2024 (Please See Below)
4412 Wheatley Street, Sydenham
  • Capacity:  67 people standing, 45 people seated
  • Fully accessible
  • Kitchenette
  • Air conditioned


***South Frontenac Township, Town Hall Expansion.  The main Reception and Treasury Department will move into the Sydenham Library Community Room during the expansion.  Please see our news release on our website for more information.***

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Harris Park Hall
5612 Perth Road Crescent, Perth Road
  • Capacity:  50 people
  • Fully accessible
  • Kitchen
  • Air conditioned
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Storrington Centre
3910 Battersea Road, Sunbury
  • Capacity:  250 people maximum (standing)
  • Fully accessible
  • Kitchen
  • Air conditioned
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Are you planning a birthday or anniversary party? Will you be serving food or beverages? Pitching an event tent? Holding a raffle or lottery? Check out our Event Planning webpage to ensure your plans are aligned with relevant policies, find out how to apply for milestone certificates, and other information to help make sure your event is a success. 

Community Operated Facilities

Along with municipally owned facilities, South Frontenac has several service clubs and businesses with rental facilities to fit your event hosting needs. We encourage you to reach out to the clubs and services directly for all rental inquiries. 

 Community Facilities
Frontenac Community Arena
  • 4299 Arena Boundary Road, Piccadilly
  • (613) 374-2177
Bellrock Community Hall
  • 6034 Leveque Rd, Bellrock

  • 613-929-2444

Golden Links Hall
  • 4186 Colebrooke Rd, Harrowsmith
  • (613) 372-2410
Harrowsmith & District Social and Athletic Club
  • 4041 Colebrooke Rd, Harrowsmith
  • (613) 372-0917
Verona Lions Club Hall
  • 4504 Verona Sand Road, Verona
  • (613) 374-2821
Sydenham Legion - Branch 496
  • 4361 Amelia Street, Sydenham
  • (613) 376-6808
Storrington Lions Hall
  • 2992 Princess Road, Inverary
  • 613-353-6920
Elbow Lake Environmental Education Centre 
  • 1500 Hewlett Packard Lane, Perth Road
  • 613-353-7968
The Grace Centre (SFCSC)
  • 4295 Stagecoach Road, Sydenham
  • 613-376-6477

Harrowsmith Brewing Co. 

  • 4183 Camden Portland Boundary Road, Harrowsmith

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