Volunteers are not paid - not because they are worthless, but because they are priceless.

Since 1999, the Township has presented awards to individuals who have provided outstanding volunteer service in the township. Community volunteers play a vital role in enhancing the quality of life for the citizens of South Frontenac. The recipient (up to four per year) is nominated by peers for their contribution to the community.

The 2018 volunteers were recognized at the annual Volunteer Recognition Ceremony held June 18, 2019. The individuals who have received the award are listed below.

 Mayor Vandewal, Alvin Wood, & Deputy Mayor Sleeth    Mayor Vandewal & Rhonda Storring

2018 Volunteer of the Year recipients and Council from left to right :  Mayor Vandewal, Alvin Wood, Deputy Mayor Sleeth, and Rhonda Storring. 

2018 - Alvin Wood, Rhonda Storring

2017 - Kim Deline, Mary Jo Dowker, Kerry Fox, Boyd Goodberry, Marilyn Goodberry

2016 - Judy Conway, Rosanne Gandl-Black, Lynn Newton, Ruth Shannon

2015 - Linda Bates, Wilma Kenny, Eileen Sleeth, Rachael Smith-Tryon

2014 - Joan Cameron, Debbie Lingen, Barbara Stewart

2013 - Lory Dark, Norm Irwin, Jim Kelly, Roberta Smith 

2012 - Wayne Closs, Sharon & Bill Patterson, Chris Sleeth, Frank York

2011 - Bob Harding, Les Moore,  Norm Roberts, Margery Smith

2010 - Doug Lovegrove, John Trousdale

2009 - Doug & Lynda Boulter, Harriet Corkey, Pam Morey

2008 - Sheila Anthony, Tracy Holland, Ronald Mattey, Beverly McNeil

2007 - Steve Amey,  Wayne Conway, Walter Freeman

2006 - Dan Bell, June Quinn, Paul Wash, Jenn Williams

2005- Sharon Freeman, Brad Heyman, George Jones, Marni Pedersen

2004 - Dave Cooke, Kevin Fox, Rozanne Leonard-Stewart, Lois Webster

2003 - Robert Arthur, Don Coleman, Marilyn Crawford, Sharon Hanna

2002 - Michael Ball, Joyce Casement, Michael Howe, Charles Stewart

2001 - Jack Babcock & Stan Holland, Donald Connolly, Susan O'Brien-MacTaggart, Inez Platenius

2000 - Jennie Cousineau, Mel Fleming, John R. McDougall, Percy Snider

1999 - Victor Brown, Terry & Phil Hickey, Robbie & Diane Hughes, Valeria Ruttan


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