Decks and Porches

Deck permit applications require the submission of a moderate amount of information and the checklist below identifies documents that need to be submitted.

Please contact the Building Department early in your design process if you are uncertain or require clarification of the building permit process.

A Building Permit is required for repair and replacement of existing decks. To replace or repair a deck that would be considered "grandfathered" or legal non-complying, the Building Department staff will have to attend the site. The existing structure must be in place for Staff to be able to comment and verify size.

Deck Checklist

  1. Completed Building Permit Application
  2. Copy of the deed of a recent property tax bill (proof of ownership)
  3. Site/Plot plan indicating;
    • civic address and/or legal description
    • North indicator
    • show all property lines with lot dimensions
    • indicate public roads or private lanes adjacent to property
    • indicate where the septic system (tank and bed) is located
  4. Approval from the Conservation Authority having jurisdiction (for properties along or near water)
  5. One complete set of building plans including and not limited to;
    • foundation plan showing size and spacing of sono tubes
    • framing plan indicating beam size and location, floor joist size and spacing
    • cross-sectional views indicating dimensions, height and attachment to dwelling
    • stair details including rise/run, stringer size and width
    • guard construction details including height - PLEASE NOTE that prefabricated guard systems will require construction details certified/stamped by an Professional Engineer (must be licensed in Ontario).  This documentation must be provided with each application for use. 
  6.  A completed Setback waiver/Inspection & Occupancy Notice

The Building Department has created a worksheet to assist in the sizing of materials and general construction. 

This checklist constitutes a preliminary listing of documents that may be required to be submitted with a Building Permit application only.  A further review will be completed by the Building Inspector, at which time more information and/or amendments to the submitted application documents may be required.




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