In addition to posting on this page, notice of such opportunities may be advertised in local papers, sent to known suppliers or trade associations and depending on the size of the project, it may be posted to BIDDINGO.COM which is an industry site that will be familiar to many suppliers.

Tender openings are part of the public process. Bidders and the public are able to attend the opening. Staff will only provide the names of bidders and the overall bid to the public after an opening.

Council reserves the right, for specific projects, to restrict the process if warranted.

The Township of South Frontenac intends to participate in one or more procurements conducted by Local Authority Services (LAS) between January 2018 and December 2018. For further information and access to LAS request for proposal (RFP) notices, please review the website

Tenders from previous years are available. 2016 Awarded Tenders, 2017 Awarded Tenders, 2018 Awarded Tenders

 2019 Tenders Issued to Date:


Documents may be found on or at our Keeley Road Office, 2490 Keeley Road, Sydenham

Sealed submissions must be received by 1:00 pm, November 13, 2019

ATT: Neil Carbone, 4432 George Street, Sydenham , ON 

 2019 Awarded Tenders:

Sale of Land by Public Tender - Closed October 17, 2019 .

TENDER No. PW-2019-01 - 2019 Surface Treatment Program - Awarded to Smiths Construction Company in the amount of $722,070, including HST. 

TENDER No. PW-2019-02 - One (1)  6 Ton Truck Cab & Chassis, Diesel Tandem Dump Truck C.A./68,000 LBS. G.V.W. - Awarded to Tallman Truck Centre in the amount of $300,131.87, including HST.

TENDER No. PW-2019-03 - 2019 Micro-Surfacing Program - Awarded to Miller Paving Ltd., in the amount of $586,846.40, including HST.

TENDER No. PW-2019-04 – One (1) 2019 Model – Half Ton Extended Cab 4x4 Pick-up Truck - Awarded to Taylor Automall, in the amount of $33,247.99, including HST.

TENDER No. PW-2019-06 - One (1) 2019 Model, 19,500 LB GVWR, 4X4, Dual Rear Wheel, Crew Cab, Aluminum Dump Body - Awarded to Petrie Ford Sales for $97,854.64, including Non-Rebatable HST.

TENDER No. PW-2019-07 – 2019 Roadside Weed Spraying - Awarded to Davey Tree Expert Co of Canada Ltd in the amount of .0879 per square meter and $138.03 per kilometer for guide rails excluding HST.

TENDER No. PW-2019-09 - 2019-2021 Street Sweeping and Catch Basin Cleaning Program - Awarded to Hughson Fencing & Guide Rail Inc. in the amount of $155,458.62, HST excluded.

TENDER No. PW-2019-10 - 2019 Crack Sealing Program (Joint Tender with Township of Central Frontenac) - Awarded to Roadlast Asphalt and Sealing Maintenance, in the amount of $61,968.07, including HST.

TENDER No. PW-2019-11 2019 Multi Year Pavement Marking Program (Joint between Central, North, South, & the Frontenac Islands) - Awarded to Trillium Pavement Marking for our section of the Tender amounting to $147,087.25, including the non-rebatable portion of HST.

TENDER No. PW-2019-12 - Parks & Facilities, Fire Halls and Cemeteries Grass Cutting - Awarded to various contractors, see breakdown and Report to Council. 

TENDER No. PW-2019-15 - Gilmour Point Park Pavillion - Awarded to Ubcon Construction Ltd in the amount of $393,000.00 exlcuitng HST.

TENDER No. PW-2019-16 - 2019 Road Repair Program - Awarded to Aarde Construction Ltd in the amount of $359,594.25 including HST.

TENDER No. PW-2019-19 For Battersea Rd Reconstruction - Awarded to R. W. Tomlinson in the amount of $1,801,399.26 including all applicable taxes.

TENDER No. PW-2019-20 -  Structural Tunnel-Plate Liner Replacement of Burnt Hills Rd Culvert - Awarded to Louis W. Bray Construction Ltd., for $445,462.95, including HST.

TENDER No. PW-2019-21 - Desert Lake Culvert Replacements - Awarded to Akman Construction Inc in the amount of $555,910.55 including the rebatable portion of the HST.

TENDER No. PW-2019-22 - Supply & Install Accessible Entrance Ramp at Bradshaw School House (7 Steele Rd, Tichborne) - awarded to Ubcon Construction Ltd in the amount of $17,600.00 excluding HST.

RFP PW-P04-2019 Keeley  Road Garage Boiler Replacement - Awarded to Simmons Plumbing in the amount of $26,500.00 excluding HST. 

RFP No. FD-2019-01 - One (1) Mobile Water Supply Fire Apparatus - Awarded to Fort Garry Fire Trucks in the amount of $391,844.18, including the non-rebatable HST. 

RFP 2019-P01 - Development Charges Study - Awarded to Watson & Associates. A copy of the RFP can be found here.

PW-RFQ1-2019 – For Contracted Equipment, Materials, and Trades - Awarded to various contractors as outlined in attachments.

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