Private Pool (for Homes or Cottages)

Pool enclosure permit applications require the submission of a moderate amount of information and the checklist below identifies typical items that need to be supplied. 

Please feel free to contact the Building Department early in your design process if you are uncertain or require clarification of the permit application process.

The Township of South Frontenac required that private pools that are capable of holding 18 inches of water (this includes the blue inflatable ones) require a permit to be obtained before it is installed. 

All pools and their associated enclosures (fencing) that are applied for within the Township of South Frontenac are subject to a deposit of $500 that is paid for at the permit stage. This deposit is then released back to the applicant when all fencing or enclosures meet the requirements of the Pool By-law. For more information on the permitted fencing allowed around a pool installed within the Township, please refer to the Pool By-law. 

Pool Application Checklist

  1. A completed Swimming Pool Enclosure Permit Application
  2. Copy of Deed or recent property tax bill (proof of land ownership)
  3. Copy of survey or;
  4. Site/Plot plan indicating:
    • Civic address and/or legal description
    • Dimensions and area of the property
    • North indicator
    • Location of proposed pool in relation to other structures, overhead wires
    • Location of proposed pool in relation to property lines, lanes, roads and watercourses
    • Location of septic tank and field  
    • Location and type of fence and all gates (enclosure)
  5. A completed Swimming Pool Enclosure setback waiver form.
  6. Septic System approval from Building Services - if pool is within 15m (50ft) of septic system
  7. Approval from Conservation Authority having jurisdiction (for properties along or near water)
  8. Approval from the South Frontenac Planning Department (as required)
  9. Agent authorization form (required if the property owner is not submitting the application)

If a deck is being built in conjunction with the pool, please refer to our deck checklist.  Plans for the deck will need to be submitted on a separate building application at the same time as the pool application. 



















































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































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