NEW COTTAGE (Seasonal Dwellings)

Building Permit applications for new cottages require substantial information to be processed and the checklist below identifies typical items that need to be supplied.

Seasonal Dwellings are only permitted on waterfront properties, pursuant to the Townships current Zoning By-Law.

If you are not designing your own cottage, you will need the services of a qualified designer.

Please feel free to contact the Building Department early in your design process if you are uncertain or require clarification of the building permit application process.

New Cottage (Seasonal Dwelling) Checklist

  1. Completed Building Permit Application
  2. Copy of the deed or a recent property tax bill (proof of ownership)
  3. Copy of survey
  4. Site/Plot plan indicating;
    • grading plan
    • civic address and/or legal description
    • North indicator
    • distances from property lines, high water mark, septic system & all buildings
    • show all property lines with lot dimensions and lot area calculations
    • indicate public roads or private lanes adjacent to property
  5. Copy of the Well Record
  6. Septic System Approval from KFL&A Public Health 
  7. Approval from the Conservation Authority having jurisdiction (for properties along or near water)
  8. Entrance approval from the Township of South Frontenac Public Works department (required only if property is accessed via public road, not required if accessed by private lane) 
  9. Completed Setback Waiver/Inspection & Occupancy Notice Form
  10. Two complete sets of building plans including and not limited to;
    • foundation plan
    • floor plans including basement - identify use of all rooms and spaces (i.e. "bedroom", "closet", "unfinished basement", etc.)
    • building elevations (all sides)
    • cross-sectional views indicating dimensions, heights, and construction materials
    • truss layouts of both roof and floor where applicable

NOTE: 2 sets of drawings will be required as of March 1, 2015.

This checklist constitutes a preliminary listing of documents that may be required to be submitted with a Building Permit Application only.  A further review will be completed by the Building Inspector, at which time, more information and/or amendments to the submitted application documents may be required. 



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