The Township of South Frontenac is home to many lakes and ponds suitable for boating, kayaking and fishing. There are also three off-road nature trails that traverse the Township: two of them, the K & P and Cataraqui Trails (both part of the Trans Canada Trail) are old railway tracks ideal for bikers while the Rideau Trail is  truly a hiking and adventure trail.

Cataraqui Trail

This trail is suitable for walkers, cyclists, horseback riders, snowmobilers and cross-country skiers. This trail extends for approximately 39 kilometres in South Frontenac. It originates from Smiths Falls, passes by Chaffeys Locks and along the northern side of Sydenham lake before connecting with the K & P trail just east of Harrowsmith. It continues westward, past Harrowsmith and ends in Strathcona.

Its surface consist in part of stone dust between Loughborough-Portland Boundary Road and Harrowsmith plus a small section west of Hogan Road. The remainder is loose gravel more suitable to cyclists on a mountain or hybrid bike. The eastern section provides the best vista because of the numbers of ponds and small lakes in a very natural environment. See their website linked above.

K & P Trail

This trail originates from Kingston reaching the Township at Orser Road, following Highway 38 via Harrowsmith and Verona. It merges with the Cataraqui Trail just east of Harrowsmith for about two km north up to Tichborne for a total of 40 kilometres. It will eventually reach Sharbot Lake in 2017

Its surface consists of mostly stone dust suitable for most bikes and is relatively flat. Because it is mainly going parallel to Highway 38. it is easily accessible in many areas and close to facilities along the route. See the following County of Frontenac website for more information.

Millhaven Creek  K & P Trail South of Verona

Rideau Trail

This hiking rail which links Kingston to Ottawa, meanders across South Frontenac from south to east for about 80 Km. It enters South Frontenac via the K & P Trail then the Cataraqui Trail up to Sydenham to very north towards Knowlton Lake and the Gould Lake Conservation Area. After crossing Frontenac Park and Perth Road it reaches the Cataraqui Trail again twice, going east then north before existing Bedford Mills.

It is accessible from many points and provides a very good view and appreciation of the natural forest habitat within the township. Ideal for active people who want to stay fit. The Rideau Trail Association organizes excursions throughout the year for members. 

Rideau Trail - Catarqui Trail overview     Rideau Trail - Knowlton Lake Overview

Lakes and Water Access Points

There are more than eight lakes and hundreds of small ponds in the Township that are accessible for fishing boats, canoes and kayaks. Loughborough, Sydenham, Buck, Devil and Dog Lakes are easily accessible from main roads. Access to the Rideau Canal is facilitated via Dog/Cranberry Lakes in the eastern portion of the township at various locks. Many campgrounds and marinas also offer water access and facilities.

Look for area maps in local stores and campgrounds.  

 Cranberry Lake Upper Rock Lake

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