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A property owner abutting an unopened road allowance may apply to stop up, close and purchase a portion of the road allowance.  

If construction has taken place on a road allowance and where it can be demonstrated that the relevant portion of road allowance has not been correctly identified by surveyors or the Township, adjacent property owners may request to close a portion of the unopened road allowance. 

When a road allowance that divides an individual's property and makes it impossible, because of zoning by-law requirements, for the owner to construct an accessory building on the separate parcel, a request to close the road allowance can also be made.

Please note, that it is Council policy to not sell road allowances that lead to water.

If you have questions about the process, contact Michelle Hannah, Deputy Clerk.

You will be required to complete the applicationand pay the appropriate fees (see below).

Unopened Road Allowance Purchase Price

Land Class                                      Price Per Square Foot*

Residential Lot on Water                            $2.41

Residential Lot (1-2 acres)                          $0.80

Acreage, Farm                                              $0.25

Acreage, Bush                                              $0.21

Commercial                                                  $1.03

*Minimum Purchase Price - $1000

Residential Lot on Water -- any portion of the closed road allowance which lies within 300 ft .of the water - $2.41/sq. ft. If the applicant owns 2 acres or less then the remainder of the allowance -.i.e. after the first 300 ft. - is charged out at .80/sq.ft. and if the property is over 2 acres, the remainder of the allowance is charged out at .21/sq. ft.

Residential Lot -- closed road allowance adjacent to a property of 2 acres or less (where the allowance does not abut water or where a portion of the allowance is more than 300 ft. from the water)

Acreage, farm -- where a road allowance runs through a field dividing two farm properties

Acreage, bush -- where a road allowance is located on land not suitable for agriculture (i.e. hilly and/or rough terrain)

Commercial -- enlargement of commercial property through addition of a closed road allowance

Current Unopened Road Allowance Closing Request Applications in Public Notice Phase

PL-RAC-2022-0122 (Mancino) (ZanderPlan)

Application to request the stopping up, closure and transfer of a portion of unopened road allowance, Part Lot 20, Concession 11, being Parts 4 & 5 Plan 13R20005, District of Bedford (former Westport Road).

PL-RCA-2022-0122 (Mancino) (ZanderPlan) - Application

PL-RAC-2022-0122 (Mancino) (ZanderPlan) - Sketch

PL-RAC-2022-0122 (Mancino) (ZanderPlan) - Map

PL-RAC-2022-0122 (Mancino) (ZanderPlan) - First Report to Council

PL-RAC-2022-0122 (Mancino) (ZanderPlan) - Notice


PL-RAC-2022-0136 (Carr)

Application to request the stopping up, closure and transfer of a portion of the Unopened Road Allowance, between Concessions 9 & 10, District of Bedford.

PL-RAC-2022-0136 (Carr) - Application

PL-RAC-2022-0136 (Carr) - Sketches

PL-RAC-2022-0136 (Carr) - Map

PL-RAC-2022-0136 (Carr) - First Report to Council

PL-RAC-2022-0136 (Carr) - Notice 



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