Understanding Your Property Taxes

Have questions about the property taxation process? Review the frequently asked questions below and if the answer you are looking for isn’t there, please feel free to reach out to the Treasury Department via email or by calling 613-376-3027 ext. 2200.

Property Assessment

 Who is responsible for assessing my property?

The Municipal Property Assessment Corporation (MPAC) is a non-for-profit and independent organization that the Province of Ontario created in 1977. MPAC value and classifies all Ontario properties for municipal property tax purposes.

Visit their web site at www.mpac.ca to learn more. 

 How often is my property assessed?

The Municipal Property Assessment Corporation (MPAC) completes a uniform, province wide property assessment system based on current value assessment every four years.  The last province-wide assessment was completed in 2016 and will apply for four tax years 2017 to 2020.  MPAC may re-assess the property during this time period when you have changed the property and altered its value.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the Ontario government has postponed the 2020 Assessment Update. They have indicated that property assessments for the 2022 and 2023 property tax years will continue to be based on the fully phased-in January 1, 2016 current values. This means your property assessment for the 2022 property tax year will be the same as the 2021 tax year, unless there have been changes to your property.

In 2016, MPAC mailed a Property Assessment Notice to every property owner in the province – assessing more than five million properties in Ontario. Your 2016 Notice reflects the assessed value and classification of your property as of January 1, 2016 and this will be used as the basis for calculating your 2022 and 2023 property taxes.

 What if I disagree with MPAC's assessed value of my property?

If you disagree with MPAC's assessment of your property, you can file a Request for Reconsideration (RFR) with MPAC to review your assessment. The deadline to file an RFR is printed on your Property Assessment Notice. 

RFRs may also be filed on a Supplementary or Omitted Property Assessment Notice. The deadline to file and RFR is printed on your Property Assessment Notice. 

For more information on the RFR process, visit MPAC's web site and review the Making Updates or Changes pages. 

How do I change my school support?

If you would like to redirect your school support please complete the Application for Direction of School Support and return it to MPAC via:

MPAC staff will process the school support designation change upon receipt.

For more information on the updating your information with MPAC, visit MPAC's website and review the Making Updates or Changes pages. 


Property Taxes

 What should I do if I do not receive a tax bill?

Tax bills are normally issued in early March and June, with due dates of the last working day in March, June, and September. 

Property owners can contact the Taxation department at 613-376-3027 ext. 2200 or via email at taxes@southfrontenac.net to request a copy of their tax bill. 

Property owners are responsible for paying property taxes, even if they have not received a bill. Failure to receive a tax bill does not prevent you from incurring penalty charges for late payment.

 Where can I pay my tax bill?

  • In Person - We accept Cash, Cheque or Debit at our municipal office located at 4432  George Street.
  • By  Mail - Cheques can be mailed to: Township of South Frontenac, Box 100, 4432 George Street, Sydenham, ON,. K0H 2T0
  • Online Credit Card Payments - Through a third party provider, Paymentus Corporation,via Internet or telephone 1-855-498-9976. Please note a service fee of 1.75% for Visa/Mastercard and 1.95% for American Express of the payment amount is the responsibility of the card holder to pay.
  • At the Bank - Just take your tax bill to your local bank
  • Online or Telephone Banking - Just add South Frontenac Township as a  payee. Your property Roll Number is now also your tax account number. The Roll Number is comprised of a 15 digit number and can be found on the top left corner of your tax bill. If you have more than one Roll Number you must set up a payee for each Roll Number. Penalty and Interest will not be adjusted for payments made to the wrong Roll Number.

All returned payments will be subject to an NSF fee and any applicable penalties and charges.

 What is the penalty/interest rate on unpaid balances?

Late payments are charged interest & penalty at a rate of 1.25% on the first day of default and the first day of each month thereafter until paid.

All payments are applied to penalty and interest first, and then applied to any outstanding balance after that. 

 What pre-authorized payment plans are available?

South Frontenac has 3 pre-authorized payment plans available, budget, current and due date. For more information please refer to our Payment Options section;

 Can my taxes be paid through my mortgage company?

Yes, you must make the arrangements with your mortgage company, and then they will advise the Township of their interest on your behalf.  Please contact your mortgage company for further information.

 What is a supplementary tax bill?

Supplementary tax bills are issued when MPAC has reassessed a property because of additions or improvements that increase its market value or when MPAC has fully assessed a new building. 

In the case of a newly constructed home, there can be a considerable delay between the occupancy dates and when assessment information is received from MPAC. Until this information is received, the Township cannot issue a full tax bill, and advise that residents in this situation start preparing for their supplemental bill when their new build is completed. 

 Do I need a receipt for Income Tax Purposes?

No, only if proof is specifically requested by Canada Revenue Agency.  To claim your property tax credit, you need to insert the amount of paid property taxes for the year being filed on your income tax return.  If you are current with your taxes, the amount paid for the year, would normally be reflected on your final tax bill under the line final levies. For more information about personal income tax visit Canada Revenue Agency.

 Other Frequently Asked Questions

 Credit Card Payments

For property tax and utility payments only, residents can pay by credit cards through a third party provider, Paymentus Corporation. Credit card payments are accepted via Internet or telephone 1-855-498-9976.

Please note a service fee of 1.75% for Visa/Mastercard and 1.95% for American Express of the payment amount is the responsibility of the card holder to pay.

For technical help with the Paymentus portal, please contact the Paymentus call centre at 1-800-420-1663, or email them at customercare@paymentus.com.

What do I need to have ready when I start the process of making a payment?

When making a payment via credit card, have your credit card and your tax bill readily available. You will need to provide your account number (15-digit Roll number from your tax bill) and the amount to pay. If you are paying online, you will also need to provide your email address so that the details of your transaction can be sent to you once your payment has been completed.

When your payment is complete, you will receive a confirmation number. If the payment is made online, you will also receive an email receipt documenting the details of the transaction including the service fee from the third-party provider, Paymentus Corporation, and the payment amount made to the Township.

 Tax Certificates

A tax certificate is a statement of outstanding property taxes, which is usually requested by lawyers at the closing of a real estate transaction. The vendors' or purchasers' lawyer can apply for a Tax Certificate from the Treasury Department by sending payment and formal request in writing. 

In order to obtain a tax certificate, a written request and payment of $30.00 must be received by the Township of South Frontenac for each individual tax roll requiring a Tax Certificate. Please allow for a two week processing period when requesting tax certificates.

Requests can be made in the following ways:

  • By Mail - Request and payment should be directed to: Box 100, 4432 George St, Sydenham, ON K0H 2T0
  • By Email - Requests can sent via email to taxes@southfrontenac.net
  • By Fax - Requests can also be made by fax at 613-376-6657. 

Fax and Email requests will require that a pre-paid account be set up, or will not be processed until payment has been received. In order to set up your account, please forward a cheque payable to the Township of South Frontenac in the amount you choose. For more information, email taxes@southfrontenac.net or call 613-376-3027 x 2200.

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