Lake Ecosystem Advisory Committee

The Lake Ecosystem Advisory Committee is a Committee of Council that was formed in 2020 to support the health and welfare of the Township's lake ecosystems and the enjoyment and use of lakes by residents, visitors and future generations.

The committee’s mandate includes hosting an annual Lake Associations Forum where Lake Associations and residents can network with one another other, share best practices, voice common concerns, and discuss emerging trends. It also provides feedback on Township policy, strategic plans and budgets, and coordinates and collects feedback from lake associations throughout the year.

In 2021, the Township introduced the Lake Ecosystem Grant Program. This committee reviews all grant applications and recommends which projects should receive funding under the program.

The committee partners with different agencies to conduct research, data analysis and public education and outreach activities on lake ecosystems.

Current members

  • Councillor Steve Pegrum
  • Councillor Randy Ruttan
  • Alan Revill, Desert Lake Property Owners Association
  • Janet Brown, Dog & Cranberry Lakes Association
  • Justin Connidis, Garter Lake Lane Association
  • Joseph Buckley, Fourteen Island and Mink Lakes Watershed Association
  • Terry Mauer, Inverary Lake Residents Association
  • Tim Upton, West Devil Lake Property Owners Association
  • Ellie Prepas
  • Gerrit Buitenhuis


Members of the public are encouraged to attend committee meetings. You can find agendas, minutes and dates of upcoming meetings on CivicWeb here or on our main Events calendar. You must register as an attendee before the meeting.

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