If you are new to the Township, you will need to determine which day garbage and recycling is picked up in your area. Click below to go to the collection days but keep in mind that the Township does not pick up on private lanes therefore you must take your garbage and recycling to the point where the lane meets the Township Road.

Garbage & Recycling Collection Days

To make sure your garbage gets picked up:

  • Your garbage bag cannot be oversized; the standard size is 30" X 38"
  • Your garbage bag cannot weigh over 45 lbs (20 kg). Collectors carry hand scales
  • The maximum container size cannot be over 17 gallons (77 L) with each bag inside tagged properly, no loose garbage (Any large and workers have trouble reaching bottom bag because of compression))
  • Have your garbage out by 7:00 am on your collection day, collectors will not pick up bags that have been damaged by animals prior to collection. Please DO NOT put any garbage out before this time unless it is secure in a garbage can. The animals will make short work of it by collection time.
  • Keep your garbage bags/cans separated from your recycle bins - Separate collection vehicles
  • Make sure your South Frontenac purple bag tag is attached properly; wrap one full tag around neck of bag and stick ends together
  • No partial tags, bags will be left
  • DO NOT get complacent with your pick up time, Trucks may be running earlier due to light loads, more trucks on the road, etc.. 7:00 am is the magic number!

Our Waste Management team will place a "reason for leaving" sticker on your garbage bag(s) if left behind.

There is no "bag limit" as long as a full bag tag is attached taround the neck of every garbage bag.

For further information, please see our Waste Management Bylaw #2005-98 .

For residents living on private lanes, garbage must be left at the end of the lane, on collection day by 7 am, where it intersects with a Township maintained road as we do not go down any lanes.  Please do not deposit garbage at these points prior to collection day unless you can place it in an animal proof container that you can ensure will be returned to your residence after collection, not left on the roadside.

WE do accept tagged household garbage at our 3 Northerly waste sites but please check the days and times they are open. Absolutely NO dumping at the gates.

Please refer to the page *Communal Bins* for information on our Township assisted program for animal proof garbage containers and Recycle Stations.

Again - Please be mindful of the potential damage to your garbage bags and the environment from wildlife when putting it out, collectors will not pick up ripped or strewn garbage. Garbage containers can help eliminate this problem. Click the sidebar under Communal Bins for more information.

Keep in mind, that according to our By-Law, all garbage is the possession of its owner until collected. Therefore it is still your responsibility when it is at the end of your driveway or at a Communal Bin.

Questions? - Contact Facilities and Solid Waste Department at 613-376-3027 Ext 4330



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