All bagged garbage must have a visible and firmly affixed Township of South Frontenac purple bag tag affixed around the neck of the bag. One full tag per bag. Bag tags can be purchased for $2.00 each at the following authorized distributors:

  • Asselstine Hardware - 6826 Road 38, Verona
  • Centex Go Market - 4585 Road 38, Harrowsmith
  • Leonard's Fuels Ltd - 5589 Road 38, Hartington
  • New Toppers Market - 6834 Road 38, Verona
  • Ormsbee's Mercantile - 3814 Battersea Rd, Inverary
  • Northway Home Hardware - 3832 Perth Rd, Inverary
  • Perth Road Store - 5504 Perth Rd Cres.
  • Sydenham One Stop - 4401 George St. Sydenham
  • Verona Convenience Store - 6667 Road 38
  • Verona Hardware - 6723 Road 38
  • Municipal Offices - 2490 Keeley Rd & 4432 George St., Sydenham

Note: All residents who have a residence on their property receive an annual allotment of 50 tags with their Interim Tax Bill in March of each year. All new builds must have a completed Occupancy permit to be eligible for tags.

UNLESS your tax bill is returned to The Township, it will be assumed that each resident has received their tax bill and their bag tags. If you have not received your tax bill and tags by the end of March, please contact the Taxation Department to verify your information. Landlords are required to supply their tenants with tags for their rental units. If a property is being sold or purchased, the tags should remain with the property as they are a part of the property taxes.

If you have any questions regarding bag tags, please contact Facilities & Solid Waste Department at (613) 376-3027 Ext 4330 or by email.

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