The Municipal Budget

The budget is more than just dollars and cents - it impacts you through the programs and services you receive and is considered to be one of the Township's most important strategic documents, serving as a guide for everything that we do. Each time you enjoy a local park or beach, have your garbage and recycling collected, or use a recently plowed or repaired road, you are seeing your tax dollars at work.

It is South Frontenac's goal to provide a balance of services that improve the quality of life for our residents, while also ensuring we have the organizational capacity to deliver cost-effective services in a changing world.

The annual budget operationalizes the Township's Strategic Plan and is the equivalent of “Putting your money where your mouth is,” or it’s “Where the rubber hits the road.”

As a strategic document, or roadmap, the budget should clearly show:

  • What the community values,
  • What it wants to get done, and
  • Where it wants to be in the future.

2022 Municipal Budget

This budget is in line with Council’s long range financial plan which considers the Township’s ability to fund capital and operations over a 10-year period while observing strategic priorities and maintaining tax rate targets and reserve balances. 

More information about the 2022 Budget, as well as updates, can be found on the Township's CivicWeb portal and public engagement portal - 

What Story does the 2022 Budget Tell?

While it’s the last budget of this term Council, it’s NOT only about wrapping things up - it will also continue to implement Council’s strategic plan with new initiatives and goals.

The Township made it through big changes in the past year; 2022 is a year of refinement where the organization will work to streamline services and address important policy initiatives that were brought forward in 2021. Some of these initiatives and services include:

  • Gravel roads and Asset Management,
  • Affordable Housing,
  • Short-term Rentals,
  • Shoreline Protection,
  • By-law Enforcement,
  • Enhanced Recreation, Parks & Leisure, and
  • Continued organizational capacity-building

Despite the variety of projects on the go, the Township still aims to maintain a strong financial position with each municipal budget.

Council Direction and Strategic Priorities

At the December 14, 2021, Committee of the Whole Meeting, Council received a report(External link) which laid out various budget pressures and community survey feedback regarding the 2022 budget.

Highlights of that report included:

  • Budget survey results – ratepayer openness to reasonable tax increases to maintain or enhance services,
  • Climate Change, Economic Development, Shoreline Protection priorities,
  • Parks & Outdoor Amenities, Recreation priorities,
  • Budget Delegations (Petworth/Bellrock Mills, Volleyball Courts),
  • Discussed “growth funds growth” approach to organizational development, and
  • Council strategic priority areas needing increased focus

Past Budgets

2021 Municipal Budget

At its regular meeting on January 26, 2021, South Frontenac Council approved its 2021 operating and capital budgets for the Township, adopting a financial plan for the year that maintains or enhances existing services, funds numerous capital projects and advances a number of priorities from Council’s 2019-2022 Strategic Plan – all while delivering an average tax payer increase of 1.5%.

In keeping with its vision of being “Natural, Vibrant and Growing – a Progressive Rural Leader”, the 2021 budget continues the Township’s focus on modernizing its operations, investing in its infrastructure, addressing emerging needs such as housing and climate change, and showing regional leadership by offering new or enhanced services for our residents.

The final budget represents $36,700,009 in operating and capital expenditures and reserve transfers, requiring $20,615,543 to be raised from taxation. As a result, a property with the average assessed value of $271,013 will see an increase of $24.40 (1.5%) on their 2021 Township tax bill.

Previous Municipal Budgets - 2011-2020

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