Building Permit Information - When to Apply

We would like all property owners to be aware that the Ontario Building Code requires that they obtain a Building Permit from our office for additions or renovations to buildings, and any new buildings or structures that are over 10 sq. meters (108 sq. ft). 

This may include internal renovations in buildings, or the replacement of existing buildings or structures such as decks. 

A Demolition Permit is required before any building, or part of a building, is removed or torn down.

A permit is required prior to commencing work for these typical projects. If the list does not specifically address your project, please contact us for additional information. 

Apply for a building permit!

Pool Permit Information - When to Apply 

The Township Pool by-law requires that all pools that are capable of holding 18 inches of water (this includes the blue inflatable ones) require a Pool enclosure permit be obtained before it is installed.  

Apply for a pool permit!

Wood and Pellet Stoves - When to Apply

The Ontario Building Code regulates the installation of solid fuel burning appliances - including masonry fireplaces, free-standing wood and pellet stoves and fireplace inserts.  This includes any alterations to existing installations and replacements of part of or all of a system.  

Apply for a wood or pellet stove permit!



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