Recycling Schedule and Calendar

Click on the Recycle Calendar below to see and print the collection schedule and what items can be put out on "blue" and "yellow" weeks. Printed copies are available at our 4432 George Street or 2490 Keeley Road Township offices. If you are new to the area, please see the Collection maps and charts on this page to determine your day of pickup.

recycling calendar  blue and yellow materials

If you are not a year-round resident of South Frontenac, what goes in our recycling may be quite different to your streams at your usual residence. Please take the time to familiarize yourself with our material streams and methods of delivery. Collection workers do not go through recycling to take the proper materials. If recycling is place out in an improper manner, it may be left creating a unsightly area open for wind, rain and wildlife to make short work of it.

Please only use open top, recognizable recycle bins, not cardboard boxes or garbage cans. The maximum weight limit for each blue box and its contents is 44 pounds. We also ask that you do not stockpile your recyclables.

If you have excess recycling, South Frontenac residents can take it to Kingston Area Recycling at 196 Lappans Lane just off of John Counter Boulevard at no charge Monday to Friday, 8 am to 5 pm. Proof of residency may be requested.

Recycling Reminders 

Excess Cardboard and Styrofoam

We realize that due to the increase in on-line ordering, there is much more cardboard being accumulated than normal. Please remember that any cardboard or packing styrofoam put out for recycle collection (Blue Week only) must be cut, flattened and tied into bundles no more than 3’ X 2’ X 8” in size.  Remove all staples and tape and put out no more than three bundles per pickup. Any more than three bundles or loose cardboard /styrofoam may be left. If you have a stockpile of cardboard, it will be accepted free of charge at either the Portland or Loughborough WDS when open. Excess cardboard can also be taken to Kingston Area Recycling, 196 Lappans Lane, at no cost to South Frontenac residents.

Please Do Not Bag Cans and Plastics!

As we take our recycling to the City of Kingston, we must abide by their rules. Bagged recycling is not allowed as it is dumped by material type in different areas of the floor. Bagged recycling will be left.

Blue Boxes and Enviromesh Covers for Sale

14 gallon Blue Recycle boxes are available at the Keeley Road Public Works office located at 2490 Keeley Road during office hours for $10 each. The Township provides one free blue box for each newly constructed dwelling. Please bring your occupancy permit within 60 days of moving in to receive your Blue Box.

You can stop the wind from playing havoc with your recyclables by investing in an enviro mesh cover, available for just $10 at our Keeley Road Office. 

These covers tie easily to your box so they stay attached after emptying and stretch easily to allow more material in the box. 

Is this Recyclable? Let the Waste Wizard help!

The Waste Wizard in our South Frontenac Recycles app will tell you if the item can be recycled, put out in your garbage, or dropped off as hazardous waste. The app even provides links for other disposal options and will send you custom reminders so you never forget a collection day again. Download it today from the app store or enter your item below.

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Is This Recyclable ? YES NO Preparation
JIFFY POPCORN CONTAINERS X    Yes, Foil pan, clean, handle removed
ALUMINUM FOIL (clean unsoiled) X    Yes, with cans
FOIL - LIKE POUCHES   X  No -  usually a mix of a materials
Plastic bottles  X    
BLACK OR COLORED  PLASTIC FOOD CONTAINER X    Yes, if deli style takeout (clean)
TIM HORTON, MACDONALD  LIDS #6 X     Yes, plastics
STRAWS   X  No, too small for hopper
CANOLA OIL BOTTLES  X    Yes,  clean of all oil
BREAD BAG TAGS   X  No, too small for hopper
PLASTIC SHIPPING BANDS   X  No, mixed fibres & glue
PLASTIC PENS   X  No, not a pure plastic and too small for hopper
ONE USE COFFEE PODS    Yes, covers removed and rinsed throroughly
JAVEX BOTTLES X    Yes, rinsed thoroughly
BLISTER PACKAGING YOU CAN'T OPEN  X    Yes, blister packaging is recyclable, remove all paper
PRESCRIPTION BOTTLES X    Yes with cans & plastics
PARCHMENT PAPER    X  No,  not recyclable
THERMAL CASHIER RECEIPTS X    This is recyclable with paper
MASKING TAPE   X  No, glues present
PAPER TOWELS UNSOILED   X  No, impossible for collectors to know if its clean
PAPER BREAD BAGS WITH PLASTIC WINDOW   X  No,Combination paper & plastic, cut plastic window out for paper week
TIM HORTON, MACDONALD CUPS X    Yes, for now, paper 
TOP FOIL SEALS LIKE ON PEANUT BUTTER   X  No, too small to be sorted
BUTCHER PAPER (WASHED)   X  No, waxed on one side
SHREDDED PAPER X   Yes, but limit of 3 small grocery bags per paper week
CHRISTMAS WRAP/RIBBONS/BOWS   X  No, combination of paper, inks, foils, glues
BAGS FROM GROCERY STORE FOR TAKE HOME X    Yes, plastic film (Must be able to stretch with ease)
ZIP LOC BAGS (WASHED) X    Yes, plastic bags, zipper removed (Zipper is not stretchy)
FOOD BAGS SILVER LINING     X  No, no laminated bags, different materials
MILK BAGS WASHED X    Yes, rinsed out well
SARAN WRAP CLEAN X    Yes, if clean with plastic bags
WATER SOFTENER/WOOD PELLET BAGS X    Yes, clean, remove handles and roll up, tape or tie 
 PLASTIC BAGS X    If it stretches easily then it can be recycled
BUBBLE WRAP   X No, glues are used to create *bubbles*
PET FOOD BAGS/TREAT BAGS   X  Layers of different materials, layers can't be separated
PLASTIC TOYS   X  Hard plastic not accepted at this time, no market
MESH FRUIT/ONION BAGS   X  Made of multiple grades of plastic & glues
BROKEN RECYCLE BOXES   X  Not at this time - no market for hard plastics
WATER COOLER BOTTLES    X  Not curbside recycling - return to store for deposit
CARDBOARD CONTAINER WITH METAL ENDS X   Goes in Blue Week, cans & plastics
POTATO CHIP BAGS   X  Not pure foil, mixed with plastic layer
SHRINK WRAP (OVERWRAP ON BOXED ITEMS)   X  This plastic is too thick to be considered film plastic
PLANT POTS, PLANT CELLS, TRAYS X    Up to 12" in diameter and/or 1 gallon - MUST BE CLEAN 
PAM SPRAY/ROOM DEODORIZER SPRAYS   X  No aerosols to go in curbside recycling, take to HHW Depot
CD's   X  Combination of various materials
LIGHT BULBS   X  Old style, wrap carefully and put in garbage - CFL's go to HHW
SMALL APPLIANCES   X No - Household Hazardous Waste takes small appliances

***The Townships Recycling Program will only allow water jugs up to 2 gallons in size and clean plant pots up to 12" wide and 1 gallon in size


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